Simon Alex And The Sounds Of Tomorrow

simon alex

Based and living in the bustling city of New York, music genius Simon Alex has been producing intriguingly catchy sounds for many years and has also been managing soon-to-be top chart pop-stars since the year of 2015! Ever since his career started, there was no turning back for him and a bright future among the stars of tomorrow was most definitely guaranteed.

Music And Early Life – Humble Beginnings

Simon Alex, born as Simon Cohen, first began his earliest semblance of a musical career when he was around 11 or 12 years of age. With an insatiable passion for EDM, Simon enjoyed meticulously recreating EDM records with the help of his mother’s trusty laptop, as well as a nice musically-specialized program and his early-onset dedication for creating wonderfully musical compositions.

He later managed to swiftly secure a safe place for himself in the international EDM scene, all with the help of his trusty “Simon Project” – all at the age of just 15 years old!

Music Production – Rhythmic Start

Simon Alex had an unusual start in the music industry. When he was around 12 years of age, he loved to simply mess around on his mother’s laptop in a software called Garage Band – a professional song-making AND song-editing software which is fairly accessible to pretty much all demographics.

Not long after he started using Garage Band, he then switched to Logic Pro – a little lesser known, but still an absolute wonder of a specialized program for music producing! At the same time, Simon started adding EDM producers he liked on Facebook, and as soon as they blew up in their overall popularity and started touring, Simon was their first and most natural pick for help with their productions!

Growing Musically Steady – Mixin’ it up

Due to his bright starts in the music industry, Simon was eventually noticed by big DJs such as Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Hardwell, as well as Steve Angello – a Swedish Mafia member who took Simon under his wing. Alex was able to target his focus towards working more “behind the scenes”, with him helping touring DJs produce, as well as finalize, their records – bringing both the quality AND the value of the final piece way up with the help of his born-expert skills.

Did we mention this was all done while he was still in High school? Some would call it a pretty big deal!

Gradually, he started shifting his focus more into the brilliantly luminous world of pop-oriented production, and with the help of his noticeably brilliant skills he’d gained in his experience with making EDM, he was able to apply it towards a range of wildly varied genres of music – from hip-hop to jazz, and pretty much everything else in-between!

Music Production And Management – Helping Fellows Out

One of the most notable points in Simon’s career include the time when he managed to also become a manager, as well as a consultant, for young stars in the making! One such example would be his work with Bouba Savage, who is a beautifully emerging 12 year old rapper.

In the time that they have been working together, Simon and Bouba have both worked incredibly closely in order to develop the young person’s music as well as his soon-to-be booming business – which ultimately led to respectable and enticing partnerships with massive brands such as Nike, Footlocker, Helmut Lang, and many others!

Later in his current career, Simon was able to add names such as Max Lord, Gezin, and Andre Manta under his wings of management, which all fall under the umbrella of his multi-faceted music services company known by the intriguing name of Fly AVTR.

In the end, Simon was able to grow both his career, as well as the careers of others! If that’s not good service, then we don’t know what is.

Check out his Instagram at @simonalex