Simply the Best Parent Coach: Meet Kristina Saelee

Kristina Saelee
Kristina Saelee

Kristina Saelee is a well-known parent coach. She has been working to empower parents and helps them to raise their children in the best way possible. She has worked with teachers and parents for more than ten years in coaching and education rules. 


Kristina Saelee’s life has not been any good. She became a mother as a teenager. Her suffering was not limited to that, as her husband divorced her afterward. She became a lonely woman who had to look after her four children. She became a victim of depression due to it. 

Personal company:

She owns a company known as “empowered parenting.” This company’s objectives include the proper guidance to raise the child, providing parenting tools, teaching positive discipline, and coaching the parents. 

Her Journey: 

Kristina’s journey began when she became a parent and quickly realized she had no idea what she was doing. With anything. Desperate for help, Kristina read everything she could, joined all sorts of online parenting advice boards, and was quickly overwhelmed by all the conflicting information.

When her oldest was 16, she desperately needed parenting tools. Everything that worked when he was younger didn’t work anymore! Although she felt confident in my parenting skills when my children were younger, her teenage years threw me into captivity. That’s when I learned about positive discipline. Although she didn’t know how much she needed positive discipline until she learned all about it. She thought she was a great mom until she realized how much better she could be.

And through this, Kristina has started her journey of parent coaching. She believes parents need to be positive to drive their children towards positivity.

Core values of her life:

Kristina Saelee has learned many things from life. Her teenage life is full of hardships, but she doesn’t lose hope. Instead, she lifted her head and started a mission to teach the parents and help them to raise children. She always prioritized the community, her family, and mental health illness. 

Kristina’s vision:

Kristina has learned so much in these ten years. She has worked herself to deal with traumas and depression and secured an excellent future for myself and my kids in these years. She is still looking at more success and missions to achieve in the coming time. She wants this business to grow to the extent that it serves children worldwide. She wants to make a mark and leave a legacy behind her through her business.


 Kristina has been a certified sleep consultant since 2014 and works with dozens of families and their children. She received sleep coaching certification from The Family Sleep Institute, where she completed 80+ hours of infant and toddler sleep studies, and her behavioral coaching certification from The Early Years.

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