Harley’s Path: From Airdrop Chaser to Web3 Captain!

Hey everyone, it’s Harley! Get ready for a story about crypto, learning, and building something awesome – a story that starts with chasing free tokens and ends with leading thriving communities in the wild world of web3!

Back in 2016, crypto was just a glimmer in everyone’s eye. But I saw its potential – a chance to change lives! So, I jumped in headfirst, hunting for free tokens (called airdrops) to build a brighter future for my family. It felt like a digital treasure hunt, a ton of fun! 

Life, however, can be unpredictable. My journey took me overseas, but things didn’t go as planned. I am not a degree holder, I am just a highschool graduate so my only chance to get a better pay is to go abroad and work as a domestic helper but I had to return home without the success I’d hoped for, but with a head full of valuable lessons.  Instead of letting it get me down, I saw it as a chance to grow stronger. So, I took a job at a call center. It wasn’t easy, but it taught me resilience – a skill that would come in handy later.

With newfound grit, I ventured into freelancing and discovered my passion for building communities. Starting as a chatter, and later on Landing a job as a community manager at Blockchain PH was a turning point. Here, I learned the ropes of building awesome online communities, speaking the language of crypto like a pro, and connecting with passionate people everywhere. These skills I have acquired, its all because I am observant and I believed in my abilities that I can be more, that I can do more.

My ambitions grew. I wanted to make a bigger impact in this exciting new space called web3, a world built on blockchain technology. So, I decided to fly solo as a freelance community manager. LightningWorks has been my partner in crime for years, its a project of my client who mentored me Berto Cartagena, I have learned to be a social media manager, and marketing but most importantly he taught me how to value myself and gave me the strength and confidence to be the “Harley” I am now. I also started working with Player One Universe, a cool new metaverse project launching soon, and Morfyus, a platform that empowers freelancers with the power of crypto, Playfix, LiquidLoans and an upcoming one who partnered with 50 international artist Rift.

Building these web3 communities isn’t a one-man show. I have a dream team – superstar moderators and an outreach specialist – who keep things running smoothly. Together, we navigate the ever-changing world of web3, helping projects grow and people find their place in this exciting new space. I jokingly named my discord group “Harley’s Cult” but now it became a larger community, I met my friend on Web3 Tjay who helped me built this “The Cult” that supports my projects and in return rewarding them, not just with monetary but also teach them on how to get a job in web3 and hire them as well whenever I need their skills in a certain project.

Looking back, every step – from chasing airdrops full time mom to facing challenges overseas to working at the call center – all shaped me into the person I am today: a leader in web3 communities.  These weren’t setbacks, but stepping stones.

So, to anyone new to web3 who might be feeling lost: keep learning, stay focused, and believe in your journey! Web3 is bursting with possibilities – a place where communities thrive, ideas fly, and the future is built, one block at a time. Remember, the tough times are there to make you stronger, so embrace them and let them fuel your web3 adventure! This future we’re building together is bright, and there’s a place for you in it!

Current Projects

  • Player One Universe
  • Morfyus
  • Lightningworks
  • LiquidLoans
  • Playfix