Why Some Clichés Are Still Success Guarantors

Thinking outside the box has become a new norm. Almost everyone is seeking innovative ways to do things. It has become daunting, even borderline challenging, to consistently ‘think outside the box.’ And while that part is definitely respectable, social-media specialist Rei Prendi

Varun Datta On Revolutionizing The Blockchain

In the years during which Varun Datta has been active, he has been able to observe the rise and fall of multiple concepts, monetary symbols, organizations and the like. Due to this, he has decided that something must be done – and

Man On A Mission: Entrepreneur Ray Pang

Ray Pang is set to help others lift their careers to the highest level, regardless of their academic education and degrees. Ray Pang Si Heng is a young man on a mission. The mission? To help more than 10,000 people in their

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