Get to Know Papirus.. A New type of artist.

Once again, the well established Northwest artist Papirus, is realising new music. With a string of records already released this year from the bass single ‘Bassline Anthem’ with Darmzy and his house single ‘Make Up’ ft Jade Cotgrave, which are certified club bangers, to his new

What is the best use of LinkedIn?

Networking is more important than ever. You can best use LinkedIn to build connections in your industry and stay in touch with colleagues, past and present. In the US, the phrase your network is your net worth is more accurate than ever. For


Born on April 19th, 1991, Ishell Vaughan is an American Music Video Director known for his innovative and artistic vision. Combining his unique problem-solving ability from his background in math and engineering, with his one-of-a-kind creative perspective, Ishell is able to bring

Holiday Recipes from Hollywood Stars

It would seem that Hollywood stars eat only in the top restaurants. But there are special days when everyone wants to spend time in the family circle and please loved ones with culinary delights. Celebrities are no exception. And, as it turned

The Monsters NFT: Exclusive Opportunity for Investors

The NFT market has lots of shiny objects and projects that promise life-changing returns.  However, many miss the value-added proposition.  The Monsters NFT is here to change that thanks to lifetime ETH royalties to their first 1k investors! We had a chance

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