Inside the Web3 Revolution: Interview With Influencer dn1u

Recently, I had the chance to chat with someone deeply immersed in the Web3 space. They’ve made a name for themselves by navigating the complexities of blockchain, NFTs, and digital currencies, and were kind enough to share their journey and insights with me. Starting out in college with a simple curiosity sparked by a friend’s mention of NFTs, they’ve since dived headfirst into what many see as the future of finance and digital interaction. Their story is one of exploration, learning, and a bit of trial and error, showcasing the blend of excitement and challenges that come with venturing into new technological realms.

During our conversation, we touched on everything from their initial hurdles and how they overcame them, to what keeps them motivated in a space that’s as volatile as it is innovative. They also shared their thoughts on the importance of community, the projects they’re proud of, and what they hope to achieve moving forward. If you’re curious about Web3 and what it takes to make your mark, here’s what they had to say:

Can you share with us your journey into the Web3 space and what inspired you to become involved?

I started my Web3 journey on a subreddit recommended to me, and there were airdrops for free NFTs for dropping your wallet address, so I created a wallet on Metamask and claimed my first NFT, which was Anti-CyptoPunks on Polygon. I ended up getting more involved because I thought the community behind the project was chill.

What were some of the initial challenges you faced in the Web3 industry, and how did you overcome them?

One challenge I faced in the Web3 industry was trying to avoid getting rugpulled. I got rugged on Polygon NFTs that I got for free before, so I find that funny. The first NFT I minted was Meta Pizza for 0.222 ETH for both. I got the ETH from their Discord anyway for free from events and talking in the chat, so I didn’t lose much. I ended up buying an ETH domain and some Lunar Client cosmetics (I am a big Minecraft fan). That got me to start doing some more research on projects and their founders before minting.

How do you stay informed and ahead in the rapidly evolving Web3 ecosystem?

I stay informed and ahead in the Web3 space by doing some research on projects and talking with my network of friends to see which projects they think are interesting and are going to do well.

What motivates you to continue working within Web3, despite its challenges and uncertainties?

The thing that motivates me to continue working within Web3 is the friendly community, and networking is fun.

What exactly do you offer regarding marketing, PR, and promotions? How do you help Web3 projects succeed?

I have expertise in managing social media platforms and fostering community expansion, linking authentic supporters within this space to legit projects to boost their visibility and engagement.

What projects or achievements in Web3 are you most proud of, and why?

I am proud that I got a Doodles NFT (#4954). I have been wanting one since 2021. I love the art and am excited to see what they are cooking up. I will hold my Doodle NFT forever, and I will never sell it.

Looking ahead, what are your main goals or ambitions within the Web3 space?

My goal in the Web3 space is to help onboard people into the space and help people learn about interesting things happening in the space.

For someone interested in starting their journey in Web3, what advice would you offer?

For a new person starting their journey in Web3, I suggest networking and making genuine friends and connections. I also recommend researching so you can avoid getting scammed.

Are there opportunities for collaboration or involvement in your current Web3 projects?

There aren’t any available opportunities for collaboration right now, but I’m constantly looking into new projects.

How can people reach out or connect with you to learn more about your work or to collaborate?

You can contact me on X/Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok (@dn1ureal). My usernames on the biggest ETH and Solana NFT marketplaces are just dn1u. My username on Telegram is dn1ureal and my Discord username is dn1u if you need to reach me quickly.