Louis Albanese’s Booming E-commerce and Stock Businesses

louis albanese

Fulfilment By Merchant (FBM) is a booming business for businessman Louis Albanese. The idea is simple, create Amazon e-commerce stores for clients, who then sell products to thousands and turn over much more when done correctly. He joined Amazon Freedom in 2020 and has added over $1 million to the company’s annual turnover. The act of creating the business ready-made for others then gives the client (store owner) access to passive income. Louis has a passion for helping others, it’s his second nature; he injects enthusiasm and care for every client and that is the kind of passive income money-making team that you want looking after your portfolio.

His why

Louis did start studying for pre-med before jumping ship to entrepreneurship, his drive to help others is what has brought him here. He wanted to be known for being a reliable guy with impeccable qualities: having him in your life is to be a benefit to your entire life and its faculties. His dad is his role model and although they never talk about his hard upbringing, he has seen him go from many No’s to many Yeses with a basic need of providing for his loved ones.

Likewise, Louis wants to achieve and maintain: a family, freedom, and a better quality of life. He thoroughly enjoys relaxing with his girlfriend and would one day like to start a family and ensure they are looked after for generations to come. He also enjoys spending time with family, travelling when he can and exercising daily.

The work

He considers every day to being the happiest day of his life. This outlook on building others passive income encourages a family feel as he does his daily workload. They gain knowledge and understanding, provide it to the business and then teach that via their clients and networks.

The day starts for Louis at 5 am, where he works on his mind first. A clear mind leads to a more productive day. He reads the news, looks at the market and the client’s accounts. By 7 am, he begins a workout on the Peloton bike or by visiting the gym and working on his fitness. When that finishes, he starts his day in the office and gets started with developing new stores, learning about improving the business and strengthening his business mindset.


Louis gives good advice, better than what we would have learnt in school. If he could tell you one thing, it would be to start investing now, push your limits, open yourself up to risk and be willing to learn.

If he could speak with his 10-year-old self, it would be to encourage him to move outside of his comfort zone a lot earlier and to invest in his life with whatever he could. Louis strongly believes this as he learned later to be open-minded and to never cage ideas. He, like many others, was shaped to think in rigid set ways without question. But doing that stunts growth and doesn’t lead to prosperity.

When he opened his mind up and worked on Amazon Freedom, he saw success in “thank you” messages and happiness exuding from clients, and nothing parallels those feelings for him.

You can see some of his relaxed life, thanks to this business on his social media profiles here: