A bold journey of acceptance, fashion, and pop culture.

Few people can claim to be beautiful by being just the way they are. Everybody wishes to or feels the creeping need to change some part of themselves to substitute for a dearth. While some might say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, it is a statement that is preached more often than applied. 

But in the case of Erny Baloyi, we would be hard-pressed to accuse her of fabrication. If you held your reserves like me before interviewing her, you’re bound to let go of them as Erny hides sagacity behind the brows of youth. 

As a personage from a family of wealth, it might be hard to sympathize with Erny on traditional grounds. Owing to our time, we tend to get inspired by personalities who’ve made it on their own. But Erny is an exception to the rule in more ways than one. 

Starting her journey by taking over responsibilities at her mother’s prospering consulting company, Erny isn’t earning any points yet, but she does with anyone who partners with her ideas. 

Erny has been able to “travel the world in the traditional sense of the phrase.”

Opening books at school in London did not only allow her to acquire western knowledge and come up with bold arguments, but gave others the gift of having the opportunity to know her and become an encompassing figure of the western world while grounding them in the clash of the two worlds, one being South Africa.

Erny vibes on a frequency of her own.

Having been exposed to the fashion industry while studying in London and during her frequent travels through Africa, Europe, and the U.K., Erny has developed a bold style. Working with LGBTQI+ models with adroitness and panache.

Being a plus-sized lady seems to have little or no consequence on her self-image. For those who are only exposed to run-of-the-mill fashion, Erny’s ability to hold her own is bound to be intimidating, but her smile just attracts defining genuineness. Intrepid, undaunted, and fearless at its finest. A woman who carries herself in a way that is hard to forget.  

When asked for advice on carrying oneself well, the entrepreneur replied, 

“Cliche, but just be yourself.” That’s all you can do. Rejection is part of life; when one path ends, there will always be another you can go down.” 

Speaking of being oneself, Erny has some profound insight into South African fashion. She tells us that South African designers use life experience as a muse. This results in a conspicuous clothing style that oozes passion. 

When asked about her travels, the globetrotter cites a keen interest in architecture and gastronomy. She looks for the history of a country in its buildings. She compares the new with the ancient, drawing parallels in her mind. With a developed palate for boutique beverages, she commends a 25-year-old Japanese whiskey called “Yamakazi,” which she was in hot pursuit of, and so all are here in our press room! 

The fashion impresario collaborates with The Pfunani Foundation, an NGO that helps certain communities through charitable drives. Erny specifically sympathizes with depression-ridden individuals. She feels the potency of the silent killer and feels we should support one another to function as a healthy society. 

Saving her most profound answer for last, we asked her for advice on what an unattractive person should do!? Sagaciously, the entrepreneur replied, 

“I don’t believe anyone is unattractive.” The most attractive action is smiling. Happiness is contagious. It makes the world look better when everyone smiles.”

To keep up with what she is up to next, head to her Instagram: @ErnyBaloyi

| Troy Bronson ZA reporting |