Shahs (born Sunil Patel), The Concierge King

sunil patel shahs

Sunil Patel is an accomplished award-winning entrepreneur in the concierge business with over 18 years of experience. He is incredibly efficient, and his service is unrivaled in this competitive industry. He sat down with us and gave us some insight into why he is so successful.

Hard Working from the Very Beginning

Sunil began working in the concierge industry when he was only 16 years old, and he earned a degree in business administration from the London Business School in 2009. During his time studying in London, he became very interested in business analysis, entrepreneurship, and business deals on all scales worldwide, but especially in London and New York. This passion of his along with his incredible attention to detail and hardworking attitude has undoubtedly enabled him to become the great businessman he is today. After graduating, he managed to secure a job as a business analyst for 12 years before spending a year working at the Governor’s Office of Management and Business Management. He managed deals worth billions of dollars during this time whilst simultaneously handling the office’s quantitative analysis needs. Evidently, he is very comfortable working with enormous amounts of money, and this was great practice for his current career in the concierge industry.

Great Success

After gaining experience in the world of business, he has managed to build a company that extends across multiple nations. His dedication has surely paid off as he has been published in numerous publications and collaborated with many top businesses within their field. His business caters to significant companies, luxury vehicle industries, non-profit organizations and hospitals; He provides these companies with unique lifestyle management, luxury accommodation, exclusive tickets, events and experiences. Overall, it can be said that Sunil Patel creates exciting and memorable experiences for all of his clients. He goes into meticulous detail over each and every client’s individual needs, wants, and preferences, all the way down to their favourite drink, their allergies and even their preferred fabrics. Moreover, suppose it is a family or group that enlists his services. In that case, he takes great effort to ensure that every individual has their needs catered to in their own way. He says that his business is based on three core principles: Firstly, Being the best connected; Secondly, offering a private one-to-one service; Finally, being fair with his prices. These three principles have helped shape his company into the success that it is today

The Future for His Concierge Business

He says that he wants to take the business to new heights over the next few years by growing his own personal assets to reduce his current level of outsourcing. He has also managed to create his own Custom built systems; these allow him to understand and monitor each client’s needs and preferences. This offers him a unique advantage in the field as he can utilize this technology to provide a bespoke service tailored to multiple different needs. Moreover, with the constant profusion and advancement of technology, this could be built upon and expanded upon consistently in the future. Mr Patel also has the opportunity to become reasonably influential in the business world as he increases his client list regularly. It also helps that many of these clients are relatively wealthy and members of society’s “Upper Crust” so to speak. Anyone with this rather unique opportunity is sure to take advantage of such a chance and given Patel’s driven nature; it is fair to say that he will too.

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Website – www.shahslondon.com