Julius Wallblom – Achieving Success Through Technology

Julius Wallblom

Entrepreneurship was never something that was easy to achieve success in, but unlike many who have ultimately failed in this wonderfully twisted field of work, Julius Wallblom has managed to climb the ranks like no man has ever done before.

Digital Brand Development – Doing It Well

As a fully achieved Senior software and digital brand developer, Julius Wallblom is more than simply knowledgeable about the ins and out of how to build up a proper brand with the help of technological expertise as well as a well-developed bright intellect! The absolute range of experience Julius has under his mental belt is also rather impressive – which is why he is able to do as well as he currently is in his field of choice.

With a wide range of knowledge in many subjects, Julius is able to take everything he knows and focus it on one of his latest projects – which would include his brand new social media branding and marketing agency going by the name of Nineteen Media Group, also known as NMG for short. So far, Julius is clearly successful in his current endeavours, especially when we are to take a look at his current rate of career progression!

Business Motivation – Keeping Your Head Up

One of the most important lessons which Julius has learned is the fact that, no matter what, “finish what you started” is the mentality which every single entrepreneur should have, regardless of circumstances. Starting something and then proceeding to leave it undone is a sure recipe for ultimate disaster, which is exactly why Julius encourages his fellow entrepreneurs to follow his footsteps and finish all tasks that need finishing.

Yet another big part of the whole industry overall would be the fact that massive amounts of motivation would be needed in order to achieve the success and overall growth rate which Julius has managed to achieve! While getting and keeping a healthy amount of motivation can be rather hard to do as a whole, but it is indeed well worth it in the end.

Business Successes – From The Ground Up

Although the way in which people perceive success as a whole is rather subjective, the most commonly accepted form of success would be complete financial freedom, which is evidently achieved by a steady-flowing source of plentiful income – although Julius does know a lot better than most money-seeking newcomers, and so he has focused most of his entrepreneurial attention towards the building of professional relationships within his field of expertise!

Connections are the most important part of any profession, even if they tend to be ignored for the most part. Many people fail to realize the fact that, even if money is indeed about as important as a truly burning passion for the profession you have chosen, connections are what are going to get you the money as well as the other general resources which any good business needs in order to grow and flourish!

The fact that Julius is also a very notable people-person is yet another factor that has aided in his journey towards the wonderfully illuminated pillars of success, and what has gotten him out of the deep abysses of overall entrepreneurial irrelevancy – and, looking into it, the amazingly bright business model which he has decided to set for himself was worth all the risks he has taken on his path to success!

His story is one worth following, you can learn more on Julius’s Instagram at @juliusnmg