Stardom-Bound Rapper Arod Drops Visuals For New Single ‘Hoodie Season’

Arod is already back in the studio after his debit album success.

Austin rapper Arod dropped his anticipated visuals and full track for his single ‘Hoodie Season’ last week. The young man who’s destined for stardom exposes his flows over an atmospheric beat with some tough street visuals directed by Candy Apple Visuals.

What would Pac sound like in 2020? A silly question, but Arod’s new single could be a proposed answer. 

Continuing his glorious rise up after dropping his debut album earlier this year (‘Lend me your ear’), the generational talent follows up with one of his best tracks to date.

The song starts with a soft piano lick that’s met by cinematic string arrangements before Arod’s voice breaks the instrumental. 

’you ain’t never been broke to your last, nothing left but a mask, a hoodie, loaded mags, with a cross on your chest, ready to die to chase the bag’ instantly takes us straight into one of his countless stories. His storytelling comes so natural that his songs don’t really need visuals, because they just push the play button to the visuals in our heads.

Arod has never tried to hide his hardships or street ties, although he has his eyes focussed on greater things. The smart artist from Texas names people like Jay-Z, Nas and the late Nipsey Hussle as his influences and idols, figures that have built wealth and influence beyond their musical audience.

However, his new single is met by classic street visuals, showing Arod between the studio and the hood, heavily armed and sending a clear statement out there.

With the way the young artist has represented himself on his heartfelt and soulful solo long player, we are sure that he is very conscious of his image and creative direction.

At the same time, Arod is old school when it comes to ‘being real’ and stays away from today’s typical bragging and flexing.

If there is such thing as the John Dillinger of rap, then it’s Arod today. He won’t take any prisoners – at the same time he won’t shoot at innocents and misogynistic lines are also yet to be found in the artist’s bars.

Whether he looking to take his next album down a darker road than his uplifting though heartfelt debut LP, we hope find out soon. Arod just sounds natural and comfortable on any type of beat, with his crafty writing separating him into a different class from any current charting act. 

We’re hopeful that the scenes in the studio are a clear hint on upcoming new releases and are more than excited to hear where this story goes.