Why Settle For The Average? Take The Chase Around The World

You have probably heard it several times before. “Life’s too short. The destination doesn’t matter; it’s the journey that counts. Be alive and live your life to the fullest.” Content creator Steven Franz embodies this credo.

But how can you do that? When you don’t have anyone to guide you, and when many people would shove you towards mediocrity. A well-settled life, job, what is it that you desire? How can you discover yourself? You need someone you can look up to. Either for guidance, advice, or suggestions. Someone who’s out there actually living life on his terms and enjoying every moment of it. You need someone through whom you can explore yourself, and that’s what Steven Franz is striving to achieve! 

“You can’t be afraid to stand out and take advantage when you see an opportunity. Life is too short.”

It is evident when you see him in the videos. His public interviews have different questions. You might even say they are bold. But the response of the people is equally delightful. The pranks are certainly unique. You can even see him sharing parts of his life, the journey. 

While many content creators focus on a single type of content, he tries his hands in everything. It’s because he aims to inspire people. Thus, he finds various methods to ensure he can achieve that. It’s his chase to find a way to inspire while also bringing qualitative and compelling content for people. 

“For me, success is not a destination but rather a never-ending chase.”

Said Steven Franz. It certainly seems like he lives by each word he says. The path of the influence that he has taken is certainly a never-ending chase. Steven hopes to work alongside other content creators to bring collaborative videos. He wants to include fitness and travel videos in his collection for people. As for his goals: He aims to double down his followers within the next year and become a part of a one million follower club after that. 

“Every day, people are working hard to be in the position you dream about, so don’t give up.” 

Of course, it seems like Steven Franz acknowledges the challenges. He has a good idea about what he can face in the future, but the never give up attitude is aspiring. It’s expected from an adventure enthusiast who has a license in skydiving and scuba diving. But that’s not it. It is because Steven has found his passion, his chase, and he is not going to stop anytime soon.