Detroit’s Most Anticipated Return – Persia Grai

Persia Grai is back in the booth recording his anticipated comeback.

In times of rappers dropping at least one single a week, regardless of quality or content, an artist that takes his time and composure has become some sort of rarity. But that’s what we’re talking about anyway.

Persia Grai has always been different, in many ways. And in the best ways. He understands that it’s his distinctiveness much rather than how well he fits into a scene, that is his key to success.

With a special set of talents and understanding for songwriting and lyricism, creating music has always been second nature to the young artist from Detroit. 

Detroit, a city with a massive standing in rap. Whether it’s the all overshadowing Eminem or his buddy Big Sean, Michigan’s largest city has always had a tight knit but widely successful range of artists, and making it as a rapper in Detroit is making it as a rapper anywhere. 

Persia Grai has earned his stripes, sharing the stage with some of his mentors at the age of 18, he knows what success tastes like. And also, what it’s made of.

Michael Greene breathes music.

Born in 1996 as Michael Greene, Persia Grai started writing rap at a very young age and has perfected his craft ever since. Interestingly, he claims to have never stepped to the mic himself before the age of 14, which was when he stepped out of the shadow and surprised everyone with his dazzling vocal skillset. 

Known for his fast witty flows and bars, the young artist keeps coming up with the right combinations of impressive verses and catchy choruses. 

You might have your doubts about the approach of creating a song for a certain purpose, but we totally see Persia hitting those TikTok charts and wouldn’t be surprised if he goes on to land a number one on the platform. 

That’d surely be one of the boxes he’d like to tick on his way to the top of the rap game.

Coming from Detroit, your aims are not going to be average. You want to make sure you are mentioned amongst the names that come up first when talked about the rap scene in your city. With the amount of well established artist the city has to offer, it comes as a badge of honour. 

One that Persia Grai deserves very well. We’re looking forward to see him back & ready to prove his point.