AI Meme Brings Memes to Life With Smart-Talking AI-Powered Friends

AI Meme


AI Meme ($AIM) is a humorous Web3 project that combines two highly recognizable cornerstones of modern culture: the chaotic and often degenerate world of memes paired with the seemingly explosive rise of AI. AI Meme upgrades modern memes to the next level, bringing them to life and turning them into AI companions. Each companion is interactive and customizable. The name alone positions the project directly in the middle of the AI and the Meme markets, securing its position through name recognition alone.

AI Meme offers users a way to engage with memes directly for the first time. The companions are dynamic and smart and can be personalized. The features range from fun conversations to any of the helpful activities an AI may be used for. It also marks a new evolution in AI interactivity. AI is often hard to understand and interface with, but AI Meme gives the technology a more human touch. The platform will introduce a marketplace for these AI Meme NFTs, allowing users to buy, accessorize, and even customize the meme’s inherent personalities.

Isn’t it about time that we all get our own, unique AIs just like we see in the movies rather than a one-size-fits-all Siri or Alexa? A project like this was inevitable. And now it’s here.

A Proven Track Record

The company behind AI Meme is known as Jogo Media LTD. Our team has seen success for the past three years in the industry. Our projects have ranged from marketing to blockchain development, and our experience speaks for itself. 

Among other strengths, our team has a mix of experience, including expertise in blockchain, AI and gaming. But our approach goes beyond product development. We strive for transparency, accountability, and communication. 

Every aspect of this project has been crafted carefully and diligently. We’re not just another company taking a chance on Web3. We have stepped into the spotlight and are staking our reputation on the success of the project.

Security and Transparency

Jogo Media LTD values legitimacy and transparency. Our team has been verified with Know Your Customer (KYC) through SolidProof, our presale contract has been audited by SolidProof and Cyberscope, and our token contract has also been audited by SolidProof and Cyberscope.

This demonstrates our commitment to transparency and security. New users can trust that they are not merely joining a project but partnering with a team dedicated to mutual success. 

Your trust is our most valued asset. We’re committed to ensuring that your involvement with AI Meme is a rewarding experience. 

The Product: An AI Companion Modeled After Modern Memes

AI Meme introduces AI-powered meme companions. These digital companions are the centerpiece of the AI Meme ecosystem, designed to transform how users interact within the often confusing and intimidating world of AI.

Key Features

Interactive: The AI companions are programmed to respond and interact with the humans in a smart, flowing way, so that the interaction seems real and spontaneous, like a conversation.

Customizable: each of the AI chatbots comes with different personalities – qualities usually found in famous memes but with an added twist of personalization.

Utilities: Beyond entertainment, the companions can adapt themselves to the user, assist in everyday tasks, set reminders, and help with research and learning.

AI Meme has already developed a functional prototype of the technology, which serves as a tangible representation of the project’s vision and the potential capabilities of the core concept.

AIM Token Utility

The AIM Token Ecosystem

  • Buy Your Companion: Dive into the meme market and find your AI Meme buddy.
  • Buy Your Accessories: Personalize your AI NFTs with the latest meme fashion and tools.
  • Buy Your Games: AIM tokens are your tickets to various games and activities. 
  • Buy Your Vote: Each token holder has a voice; even small voices are heard.
  • Buy Your Staking: Stake AIM tokens to earn rewards, yield, and increase your vote.

As the AI Meme universe grows, AIM tokens will continue to unlock new and exciting features and utilities, ensuring the platform remains vibrant and engaging.

DAO Governance

AIM token holders are not just investors; they’re key decision-makers. The project uses a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) model, giving every token holder a voice in the platform’s direction and decisions. Token stakers, identified as the ASACDWST (the Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf Squadron Team), have enhanced voting power, amplifying their influence in the project’s governance.

Token Burn Mechanism

AI Meme employs a strategic token-burning mechanism. When users spend AIM tokens on AI NFTs, accessories, or other utilities, these tokens are burned, reducing the overall supply. This deflationary approach increases the rarity and potential value of the remaining tokens, bolstering the platform’s economic strength and sustainability.

The AIM PoS Staking Overview

User Benefits

  • Earn rewards as a token of appreciation for community members’ investment and trust.
  • Regular passive income through monthly interest calculated from staked tokens.
  • Enhanced influence in AIM’s governance system, linking staking with a more significant role in decision-making.

Platform Stability and Accessibility

  • Staking contributes to the AIM network’s security, encouraging long-term investment and growth.
  • Staking periods are pre-defined, which is essential for ensuring network stability and appreciation in token value.
  • Our accessible, straightforward staking system is designed for all levels of crypto experience.

Transparency and Sustainability

  • Clear communication about reward calculations, schedules, and staking terms ensures transparency.
  • Environmentally conscious PoS staking practice aligns profitability with sustainability goals.

AIM Tokenomics

AIMeme’s token distribution is a thoughtfully crafted strategy, designed to balance liquidity, reward stakeholders, and ensure a vibrant ecosystem. It’s a blend of strategic planning, a dash of fun, and a commitment to long-term success and sustainability.

  • Pre-Selling Spectacle (30%): The presale is a dynamic five-stage event featuring 150,000,000 AIM tokens. Each stage offers unique pricing to build excitement and momentum.
  • Reserved for Visionaries (20%): 100,000,000 tokens are dedicated to the ‘Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf Squadron Team,’ supporting long-term project vision and growth.
  • Liquidity Lockdown (15%): 75,000,000 tokens are set aside for strategic burning before exchange listings, boosting market stability and investor confidence.
  • Marketing, Community, and Ecosystem (15%): This allocation of 75,000,000 tokens supports marketing, community engagement, and overall ecosystem development.
  • Exchange and Liquidity Fund (10%): 50,000,000 tokens are allocated for enhancing liquidity and ensuring a strong market presence.
  • Research and Development (10%): Another 50,000,000 tokens are allocated for ongoing innovation and technological advancement.

AIM Token Presale Structure

The presale of AIM Tokens is simple, starting at a minimum investment of 30 USDT, allowing broad participation.

The price of AIM Tokens increases every seven days, moving through five distinct stages. If all tokens in a stage sell out before the time limit, the next stage begins immediately. In the rare event that any tokens are unsold, they will be burnt.

  • Stage 1: 30,000,000 AIM at $0.01 to $0.0211.
  • Stage 2: 30,000,000 AIM at $0.0248 to $0.0359.
  • Stage 3: 30,000,000 AIM at $0.0396 to $0.0507.
  • Stage 4: 30,000,000 AIM at $0.0544 to $0.0655.
  • Stage 5: 30,000,000 AIM at $0.0692 to $0.0803.

After the presale, participants can claim their AIM Tokens and officially join the AI Meme community.

Fund Allocation Strategy

  • Research and Development (31%): Develop new features and technologies, with significant investment in a skilled development team.
  • Expansion and Growth (25%): Expand the team with top talent and expand our tech capabilities.
  • Marketing and Promotion (14%): Investment in extensive marketing campaigns, community engagement, and brand-building.
  • Exchange Listings (13%): Allocated for listing fees on prominent exchanges to enhance token accessibility and liquidity.
  • Research Partnerships (7%): Collab with leading academic and research institutions for continuous innovation.
  • Contingency Fund (5%): Reserved for unforeseen challenges and market fluctuations, ensuring resilience.
  • Data and Analytics (3%): Investment in data analysis tools for monitoring project performance and market trends.
  • Sustainability Initiatives (2%): Funds eco-friendly practices and technologies, aligning with sustainable development goals.



Q3 2023/ Q1 2024

  • Launch of AI Meme Coin (AIM): Initiating with a 5-stage presale process.
  • Community Engagement: Active presence on Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit; conducting AMA sessions.

Q2 2024:

  • Staking System Introduction: Launch of the Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf Squadron Team staking system.
  • AI Meme NFT Marketplace: Introduction of a unique platform for trading and customizing AI Meme NFTs.
  • Token Burning Mechanism: Implementing a strategy to burn AIM tokens used in NFT transactions.

Q3 2024:

  • Release of AI Meme Personal Assistant: Offering diverse functionalities from reminders to chat support.
  • Introduction of Educational Services: Launching educational programs powered by AI Meme.
  • Development of AI Meme Physical Health Service: Personalized health and wellness advice using AI.

Q4 2024:

  • Language Translation Service: Enabling multi-language communication capabilities in AI Meme.
  • AI Meme Games Development: Community-driven creation of interactive games within the ecosystem.
  • AI Meme SDK Launch: Offering tools for developers to create and integrate their own AI Memes.
  • Interactive Holographic Reality: Advancing towards a 3D holographic interaction with AI Memes.

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