How Belgian Maxime Hinnekens is Innovating the Ecommerce Space With Passion

maxime hinnekens

Maxime is only 22 years old and yet he is leading 3 successful businesses already. When he was only 15 he already knew his professional path and what he was going to become. Since then he worked very hard to accomplish his dreams. Let’s meet Maxime Hinnekens!

About MrPackage and its future success

With an academic background and a lot of knowledge in this field, Maxime saw a lack of service in the e-commerce industry in Europe. From a company that Started of as an automated API ERP system that facilitates selling businesses’ inventory on marketplaces such as Amazon. It is now becoming a new Amazon-like e-commerce platform with a focus on customer experience. This will be released in 2022. Maxime Hinnekens saw an opportunity, he got an idea and then he worked hard to implement the idea on new projects. This is how it works. Maxime is passionate about what he’s doing and once you know the way, the journey becomes a real adventure. 

The journey to achievement 

Maxime Hinnekens is currently living in three countries, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Spain. When he was 18 he decided to travel abroad from Belgium to invest more in himself from a professional perspective. Maxime owns two bachelors: Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management at Marbella International University Centre and Bachelor of Science in International Financial Management at The Hague University. He knew how important connections are, and the attended a lot of conferences focused on the crypto world. Slowly, he started to get noticed by important names and his ideas were very valuable for the industry. This is how he started to work with big companies and he was given the chance to prove himself. And that’s what he did.

How his life changed throughout the years

At the moment, his accomplishment is easily observable considering he made 6 figure profits during a pandemic crisis. As a hard-working entrepreneur, it is crucial to have a disciplined routine. This is why Maxime Hinnekens wakes up around 7 am every day, starts his day with urgent matters, and then after lunch, his activity is more focused around new ideas and innovative projects. We asked Maxime if he ever felt like giving up, but his answer was very straightforward and honest: I never give up!

What keeps Maxime Hinnekens determined and positive? 

Knowing that there are so many business opportunities every day that could lead to unexpected successes.

It is not always easy to be focused and positive about the results of an investment, but doubt has killed more dreams than failure will ever kill. This means that it is very important to carry one and not give up, no matter how difficult it gets. Maxime’s inspiration was always Elon Musk.

He always got through his ups and downs and he has never given up regardless of what others say. He managed to achieve anything human could ever achieve and then still challenges himself with even crazier projects such as going to Mars. 

If you are asking yourself what else he would like to form his future, Maxime Hinnekens dreams of having enough without thinking if something costs too much or not. Also, one day he dreams of having his own Lambo, a supercar that is often sought after by digital entrepreneurs as the ultimate reward.

Follow him on Instagram @maximehinnekens and take some inspiration form his hard work and don’t forget, never give up!