How To Dominate Social Media with Shalien Vandeyar, Digital Entrepreneur And Expert

shailen vandeyar

The world of social media and specifically the growing popularity of TikTok has been an interesting one. With the rise of the influencer and the ability to effectively monetize your social media channels, few have taken the opportunity to learn how to navigate the growing and possibly lucrative realm. One of those experts is Shalien Vandeyar, who has been making a name for himself as a digital entrepreneur and expert in the world of web and social media.

Growing up in New Zealand, Vandeyar was always interested in everything tech and digital media. He is an Auckland University graduate, and started his journey as an entrepreneur at an early age while still studying. He launched his own company called ‘GadgetsYouNeed’, where he sold all the new tech at incredibly low prices, and ended up being a big win for him and teaching him about e-commerce and digital entrepreneurship.

Channel Your Passions into a Profitable Career

He ended up channelling his love for digital media into social media, starting his TikTok account, @Laugh, in 2019. The account now boasts over 1.2 million followers and 50 million likes, and Vandeyar has made a name for himself as an expert in the TikTok realm. He has utilized all major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to enhance brand building of businesses around the globe.

Since his incredible success on TikTok, Vandeyar has started his own digital media firm, VG media, which has been dominating globally. His aim with the firm is to assist various media entities and creators with strategies and concepts that lead to their substantial growth. He has also partnered with personalities like Neil Henry, Jimi Jackson, Marty and Michael and Michael Fallon to assist them in developing their own growth across social media channels, an impressive feat for someone so new to the business.

Is Social Media Around For The Long Run?

So is social media becoming a viable career option for young people? The short answer is, absolutely! By utilizing strategies and concepts created by Vandeyar and his digital consultancy firm VG Media, we’re continuing to see the rise of the influencer and the monetization of having a social media presence. So how does someone go about creating a profitable platform for themselves? Vandeyar believes he has reached success with “persistence and an unhealthy obsession to be the best”, solidifying the entrepreneurial attitude that is common amongst successful people. He also stands by the quote by Tim Notke, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”, a great reminder to always stay dedicated and working hard above all else. He names his greatest success as helping people to achieve their dreams along the way.

What Does The Future Have In Store For Social Media?

Whats most prominent about Vandeyar is his vision for the future. Not only is he currently known as the man behind some of the most infamous brands and creators online, but he wants to cultivate and change the digital marketing landscape globally and locally for brands, media houses and content creators. The rise of social media and digital media curation being at the tip of everyone’s fingertips has built a landscape in where even the most far fetched and crazy dreams and becoming a reality every day. With the invention of the smartphone, the possibility of everyone being able to produce content has become as easy as opening an app and taking advantage of this. Vandeyar is certainly at the epicentre of this movement, and we’re excited to see where he’ll take his profitable career next.

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