Reach Your Entrepreneurship Potential with These Life Lessons From Bav Majithia

bav majithia

The beginning is not always easy. Many outstanding entrepreneurs never knew that had it in them until they have experienced and overcome challenges.

Bav Majithia, a British serial entrepreneur from Leicester, United Kingdom, had experienced what it was like to begin his career from an entry and basic level. With great willpower and purpose, Bav was recognized as an excellent employee and Bav successfully climbed the corporate ladder in the Telecommunication industry, a brutal one. As a lover for challenges, Bav consistently seeks for opportunities to challenge himself. With this, he founded his first company in 2005, Genuine Solutions Group.

Within a span of only 15 years, Bav Majithia grew his portfolio of the companies he owns and has invested in, as well as properties. Bav contributes his success to the network of expertise he has created over the years, helping him make the right decisions.

Bav’s determination towards continuous improvement is just another indication of success in his future ventures and growth.

Hard Work Pays Off

The saying hard work pays off was truly evident in the case of Bav Majithia. The serial entrepreneur has worked hard for most of his life. As Bav’s parents were business-minded too, Bav learned the core values associated with getting work done. For example, during any school holiday, instead of spending the time relaxing at home or traveling the world, Bav and his family dedicated the time to focus and help out around Bav’s parents’ convenient store located in Wigston, a small town located in Leicester, UK.

Initially, Bav Majithia started his career in mobile sales and started working at the basic tier level, earning a weekly wage of £100. His career progressed when he made the courageous move to London and his career skyrocketed from there due to his outstanding performance. As Bav Majithia made a career in London, it also opened greater opportunities for him across the UK.

Needless to say, Bav Majithia is relentless towards his endeavors. He never settled for any mediocre project. For instance, after he founded his first company, Genuine Solutions Group in 2005, he dedicated more than 12 hours a day towards achieving goals. This was also apparent as the company gained worldwide recognition, excellent operations and standardization, and flawless teamwork.

Since 2005, Bav has enormously expanded his selection of companies. While his main focus these days has been Visual Muse, as a Director for the Creative Powerhouse, Bav still pursues to surround himself with like-minded individuals and seek companies in varying sectors to help realize others’ dreams.

Currently, Bav has expanded his role beyond his workplace, as he became a father of two sons and a supportive husband to his wife, Louise. Even with his hard work and dedication to the company, Bav never fails to allot quality time every single day, proving that he truly is a man of priorities.

With all things considered, there are numerous life lessons that any aspiring entrepreneur can apply from Bav Majithia’s success:

  1. Focus on goals, and take steps towards small achievements every day
  2. Identify your personal learning curve, and once you have achieved optimum results, do not fear moving onto the next step
  3. Seek challenges and opportunities to grow
  4. Create a logical system to follow and guide you throughout attaining your goals
  5. Identify room for improvements
  6. Surround yourself with inspiring intellectual to seek for advice and expertise
  7. Be prepared to work harder than everyone else

All in all, Bav Majithia is truly one of a kind. He always has his hands full and continues to seek greater challenges. Bav has never considered any of his entrepreneurship projects as work as he always truly enjoyed every moment of his hard work and efforts.

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