A Day In the Life of Successful Marketing Entrepreneur, Jem Bourouh

Jem Bourouh
A Day In the Life of Successful Marketing Entrepreneur, Jem Bourouh

At just the age of twenty-three, one gentleman is standing out amidst his peers.  In just a few short years but tremendous dedication, Jem Bourouh, has managed to scale his way up as an expert marketer and is even building up his own regime so to speak within the industry.  Today, he stands as the owner of two successful marketing-related companies: Adcubator and eCom Incubator.  Adcubator is dedicated to helping boost sales of clientele’s services or products via marketing while eCom is centered more so around the educational aspect to teach those aspiring to tread along similar steps the ins and outs and know-how that marketing entails.  


It all started in his university days.  Bourouh knew he wanted to make money but with a spin on it.  That led him down a path to dropshipping via the online platform, Shopify.  Although he did end up picking quite a bit of momentum with that avenue by racking up 5 figures as a net income, he decided he wanted to take it a step further.  Shopify was his entryway to the even bigger world of marketing.  He started taking on clients and propelled them to soaring heights with major figure incomes with his expertly built skillset.  From that point on, he decided to make a career out of it hence where his companies came into play. 

A Day in the Life

As Bourouh puts it, the marketing industry is “very cut-throat and is 10X harder than what most are doing.”  For that reason and many more, a schedule and routine is crucial.  It most likely does not come off as a surprise that a day in the life of Bourouh is very carefully laid out and organized to keep him grounded and with a sense of direction.  Each day starts out with a bit of fresh air with a walking venture into the outdoors.  Afterwards, he does the typical freshening up routine that is a standard in a majority of people’s routines.  Once those are out of the way, Bourouh gets to work.  The first step is to get emails under control and he does this by organizing them in an order of importance, moving priority emails to the top and the lesser of importances to the bottom.  He then creates a to-do list for himself and acquaints himself with his calendar schedule to see if he has any priorly scheduled arrangements for the day.  Next, the real work begins.  For approximately two to three hours, Bourouh dedicates himself to tackling his for the day.  He addresses urgent matters first and saves the less urgent matters as the finale to tie up his work day.  Once all of the matters on his to-do list are met, Bourouh is free to enjoy some leisure and frequently opts for an afternoon with friends or other acquaintances and a bite to eat at a local restaurant.  At the end of each day as the commotion of each day’s busy events come to a standstill, Bourouh ties it up with a quick meditation session to center and ground himself and then opts for a relaxing activity like reading or watching videos which concludes the night.  

Keys to Success

Bourouh’s schedule is clearly one of organization and it takes serious dedication and focus to maintain.  One of the biggest aspects that keeps Bourouh motivated to keep up his daily routines and entrepreneurship in general boils down to progress.  One aspect of it is being able to measure and evaluate his own progress.  However, another aspect has more to do with being able to share that progress to be an inspiration to fuel others to pursue their own entrepreneurship dreams.  In Bourouh’s own words, “motivating other people with my progress and inspiring other aspiring entrepreneurs,” are what keep him going.  

Although Bourouh maintains a similar schedule each day for the most part, he hopes to make it busier with future years to come.  Aside from the two companies he is successfully running today, he hopes to add on his own “unicorn” valuation and to sell his own line of the ultimate “go-to” products  He also hopes to give back by building schools and non-profit organizations in third world countries to give others similar opportunities that he enjoyed to make all of his accomplishments that he has even possible in the first place.  As it can be expected to see a lot more to come with the coming years, to keep up, check out his social media handles: Facebook,and Instagram