Shahs (born Sunil Patel), The Concierge King

Sunil Patel is an accomplished award-winning entrepreneur in the concierge business with over 18 years of experience. He is incredibly efficient, and his service is unrivaled in this competitive industry. He sat down with us and gave us some insight into why

Varun Datta On Revolutionizing The Blockchain

In the years during which Varun Datta has been active, he has been able to observe the rise and fall of multiple concepts, monetary symbols, organizations and the like. Due to this, he has decided that something must be done – and

Simon Alex And The Sounds Of Tomorrow

Based and living in the bustling city of New York, music genius Simon Alex has been producing intriguingly catchy sounds for many years and has also been managing soon-to-be top chart pop-stars since the year of 2015! Ever since his career started,

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