5 Tips to Manage SEO of Your Catering Business

Having strong SEO for your catering business will definitely pave the way to getting more clients and ultimately claiming success. Regardless of how your catering business has performed on Google, that can always be changed and improved. 

Your catering business NEEDS local search rankings. If you work toward improving the SEO of your online catering business, then you can boost its Google search visibility. In this article, we have listed 5 easy tips for you to use to boost the ranking of your catering website. 

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5 Tips for Improving SEO for Your Catering Business

Check out the 5 tips for managing SEO of your catering business website:

Create Your Google Business Profile

If you haven’t taken the time to build your Google Business Profile, you cannot expect Google to consider your catering business in its ranking.

Your Google business profile will put you on the map i.e. Google Maps and search engine. It includes your contact information, details about your catering business, relevant tags, operating hours, and more. 

This will help your customers find you on the Google search engine when they look up local catering businesses. 

Build Networks with Other Caterers

Whether it’s online or offline, networking can help your catering business create relationships with other people who are in the same industry. 

These same people can help your business to grow. Plus, the bigger your network is, the more relationships you develop with other reputable catering businesses, the more Google will consider you an authority in your business and give a better ranking to your website. 

Use social media platforms to build these networks. Or if you have connected with these networks in real life, you can take these relationships online and use them to your advantage to improve local SEO efforts. 

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly 

Do you know, 63% of the Google searches in the US are carried out on mobile devices? And that is just in the US alone!

When your customers are navigating through a number of local catering companies to hire, they won’t usually be sitting down on their PCs at home. Rather they’ll be using their smartphones to conveniently tap on Google for any local catering businesses. 

If your website hasn’t been designed to be mobile-friendly, users are going to have trouble navigating through and may eventually exit without checking anything. That’s bad for your website because it won’t get ranked on Google the way it should. 

Hence, make sure that the website has been made mobile-friendly so it can outrank other local caterers in the Google rankings. 

Optimize Your Content

The content that you post on your website will also be judged according to the Google search results rankings. 

Creating quality content should also be a part of your SEO strategy. Check your existing content, and see if they are following the guidelines of Google search results ranking. Some of your content can be tweaked a bit, and in some, you can add keywords.

It doesn’t matter if your content is fresh or old, what matters is that your content answers all the queries that users are looking up on Google. 

Collect Customer Feedback

Fulfilling your customers’ wishes is the main goal when it comes to a catering company. If you are serving delicious food and providing an excellent ambiance, then customers will be more likely to talk about it in a positive light. This means that even though you are not asking for it, your customers are still providing reviews about your brand!

But that is not to say that you won’t receive negative reviews. But don’t worry about them, there’s still a way to deal with them. Don’t ignore negative reviews, rather address them. Let the customers know that you’re making an effort to fix the problem. Customers like knowing that you are taking their issues seriously.

Meanwhile, use customer feedback to ensure that your brand works to improve on where it is lacking. 

Final Thoughts

If carried out right, your SEO strategy will help you to achieve a high ranking on Google search results. This ensures leads for your catering business website.

Of course, you need to do your part as well so that you are able to manage those leads. Your website should have the required contact information that visitors may need. Your website may also include an option where visitors can easily set up an appointment with you, check dates where they can book you to organize events for them, and more.