Mo Kumarsi Attributes Spirituality To The Reason For His Wealth

Mo Kumarsi
Mo Kumarsi

Mo Kumarsi is an entrepreneur and influencer who speaks across the globe about the power of spirituality in business. His story is one of rags to riches, from being a drug addict to now being 14 years sober and a massively successful entrepreneur. His transformation was ignited by a single moment with a spiritual mentor.

From Addiction to Spiritual Awakening

When Mo was at his lowest point struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, he was invited over for spiritual guidance with a mentor. After a prayer, the mentor said something that would change Mo’s life forever: “You will never do drugs or alcohol again”. Just like that, Mo has been sober ever since.

The Power of Spiritual Wealth

For most people, it may sound unrealistic – going from battling an addiction to becoming successful so quickly – but Mo knows exactly why it happened. He credits his success to spirituality as it gave him clarity and balance which allowed him to be more productive in all aspects of his life. It’s this belief that today drives Mo when he speaks around the world on the importance of inner wealth.

Mo emphasizes that in order for somebody to be successful in any external areas such as their career, finances, or relationships they must first have peace within themselves; not be weighed down by negative thoughts, guilt, or judgment. It is only when someone has balance both inside and out that they have the energy to give their all into anything they set out to do.

In Conclusion

Mo Kumarsi is proof that true success starts from within ourselves; if we have love, faith, and harmony inside our minds no challenge is too great for us to overcome or succeed at whatever we choose.