Monica Landén from @WithRoxy Shares 5 Tips to Having Your Dog Model for Instagram!

monica landen

For anyone with a pet, it’s common knowledge that capturing all of those special and unique moments isn’t always the easiest. When they are asleep, sure, that doesn’t seem so hard. However, if you’ve ever attempted to catch your dog’s most aesthetically pleasing moments on camera, you’ll know that the struggle is undeniably real.

Monica Landén, a unique Instagram travel blogger with her dog Roxy – a gorgeous Husky-German Shepherd mix, are a dynamic duo that makes taking photos with your little furbaby look absolutely effortless. With more than 250,000 followers combined on Instagram handles @withroxy @landenmonica, it makes us all wonder how she pulls it off so naturally!

Fortunately, for most aspiring creatives and dog-owners alike, Monica shares her 5 tips to keep in mind for those considering having their dogs model for Instagram.

Here are the Top 5 Tips by Monica Landén For A Smooth Instagram Sesh With Your Dog

  1. Work on their schedule

Our pets are the apple of our eyes, the love of our lives. While they generally do want to please their owners, it should never be taken advantage of.

Monica, along with her boyfriend Gabriel M Padilla (@gabrielmpadilla, on Instagram) has been managing their Instagram account @WithRoxy for many years now–capturing the hearts of countless fans along the way. Through their photos, the special bond between Monica and Roxy is undeniable.

A lesson that Monica shares is that when taking pictures, work around their schedule, not your own. Monica ensures to have only positive energy reflected in every moment, as photos tend to reflect that energy.

  1. Have their favorites around

When you have your dog model for your Instagram, Monica explains that they need to be entertained and motivated throughout.

The best way to accomplish a successful photoshoot according to Monica is to bring their favorite toys to every shoot so as to guarantee that they are kept entertained and excited the whole time. She makes sure to have at least a few Roxy’s favorite toys for her to enjoy anytime they take out the camera, and of course, some delightful treats to keep Roxy excited too.

  1. Don’t force it

As the saying goes, “Every dog has its day”. Throughout her time with Roxy, Monica has become so attuned to the beloved dog’s behaviors that when she can tell Roxy is not in the mood for long hours of picture taking, she just won’t force it. Monica schedules the photoshoots based on Roxy’s terms, and not the other way around. How sweet is that? It’s important to allow your pet to feel comfortable when shooting, and if it simply isn’t his or her day, Monica explains that we as their owners shouldn’t demand it. There will always be another day to capture adorable moments with your pet!

From browsing Monica and Roxy’s Instagram page, it undoubtedly stands out from numerous pet and fashion influencers. Their page, @WithRoxy, portrays more than just stunning photos of Roxy, but rather, serves an album that expresses the exceptional bond between Monica and Roxy. That is exactly what Monica’s unique take is.

  1. Be original

Monica’s advice is to be original in terms of content creation. The greater the personal touch you pour into the work you are doing, the better the outcome will be.

  1. Make it fun

Monica ensures that photoshoots with Roxy are always a truly fun and enjoyable gig for her. According to Monica, even if your pet does not understand it entirely, making sure that they enjoy every moment of it will certainly result in more heartwarming photos.

In order to make sure that the photoshoots provide an entertaining environment for your pet, try not to take it too seriously, and don’t get frustrated when they don’t always listen. Just remember, plans can easily change depending on your pet’s mood – so be prepared for it anyway.

Overall, using Monica Landén’s 5 tips based on her experience handling their Instagram @WithRoxy, one can surely find success while encouraging your dog to model!

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