Risk-taking Music Producer Liam Dineen’s Mission to Success

liam dineen

Providing financial stability for his family is a key goal for Liam Dineen as he sets his sights on achieving new targets. We hear from him to find out about the turning point in his life and what keeps him motivated.

Solid values

The core values in our life can shape who we become. In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to get lost amid our hectic lifestyles and fail to prioritise what matters most to us. But music producer Liam Dineen has never forgotten what is most important to him. The three top core values in his life are family, health and freedom. The 33-year-old, from Birmingham in the UK, has solid values in place and a clear strategy to enable him to get to his destination.

Financial stability

People always have a turning point in their life which they often reflect on. The happiest day of Liam’s life came when his kids were born, while the turning point was when he was able to quit his 9 to 5 job and support his family from an online business. Liam’s financial goal is to be financially stable to support himself and his family. But while he has managed to achieve much in his career to date, it did not come without hard work, patience and consistency. There is also another key component which enabled him to get to his current position – the courage to take a risk. Liam worked a 9 to 5 job and had a steady income but he strived for more. Most people would have remained in the job thanks to the comfort and security it provided. But Liam is not most people – he wanted more and took a massive risk. He had to take that chance to get to where he is right now and, thankfully, the risk paid off.

Daily motivation

As well as being focused on his career, he always sets aside time for his passions in his free time. This is a must for anybody on a mission to success. It will enable you to recharge your batteries and avoid burning out. Liam’s passions in his free time comprise spending time with his children, listening to a lot of music, going to concerts when it was permitted and running daily. Meanwhile, he does not have to look far to find his source of motivation each day. His children keep him motivated to do his best as he provides for them while doing something that he enjoys.

Best yet to come

Liam’s biggest success personally to date is having his children and being in a stable position to spend as much time with them as possible. However, professionally he feels that the best is yet to come with a few releases coming out this year, which he hopes will be his biggest success to date. He started in the music business around 2004. He played the drums in a backing band for two rap groups in Birmingham. They went onto record a few singles and appeared in a few local TV broadcasts. Liam’s future goals are to release an album independently by the end of 2021 and to have a few big artists feature on the album – although he will be keeping the features secret for the time being. As he works on one of his biggest projects to date, he will be utilising his experiences over past years to deliver an impressive piece of work. Along with being dedicated to his work each day, Liam is also extremely grateful for finding something that he is truly passionate about.

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