Holiday Recipes from Hollywood Stars


It would seem that Hollywood stars eat only in the top restaurants. But there are special days when everyone wants to spend time in the family circle and please loved ones with culinary delights. Celebrities are no exception. And, as it turned out, they often choose dishes from wild salmon for the festive table. This is not surprising because the Pacific salmon is a fish worthy of the most fastidious persons.

kosher caviar

Actor Hugh Jackman is a fan of Asian cuisine. Hugh told People magazine that his favorite dish is salmon in a spicy sesame oil sauce – it’s light, easy to prepare, and incredibly tasty. For the marinade, you will need olive and sesame oil, soy sauce – dark and light, garlic and ginger paste, rice vinegar, and cane sugar. Spread the salmon fillet with this mixture and bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 15 minutes. The finished dish is poured with a sauce of sesame seeds, ginger and garlic paste, and light soy sauce.

Eva Longoria also shared a festive salmon recipe. The main feature is to pour plenty of lemon on the dish. “I always have fresh lemons on hand, and there is no tastier fruit. I add lemons to everything I can,” said the actress. To marinade Pacific salmon fillet, you need to take honey, olive oil, garlic, and the juice of a whole lemon. Put the fish in parchment envelopes, add salt and pepper and bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 200 degrees. Can sprinkle the finished dish with lemon juice – it will turn out tender and spicy.

Famous Hollywood nutritionist Kelly Levesque shared an unusual dish for a holiday in a buffet format – she helps Jessica Alba eat tasty and healthy. Kelly offered a light version of Mexican cuisine to surprise the guests – a salmon burrito. The recipe is simple – you need to divide the wild salmon fillet into small pieces after mixing the sauce – yogurt, salt, and chili sauce. Add salmon to sauce and stir. Lay two nori sheets on the surface and add layers – a layer of cooked rice. A mixture of spice and salmon, spinach, olive oil, and vinegar, the next layer is finely chopped cucumbers, then avocado, and the last layer is grated carrots. We roll up the burrito and serve it to the guests.

In terms of nutritional composition and excellent taste, wild salmon can be safely classified as a delicacy. And salmon caught in Kamchatka is also valuable because it is an environmentally friendly organic product. The company “Vostochny Bereg” (“Bering Seafood“) is engaged in fishing on the coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula and supplies organic products around the world. Dishes prepared with seafood “Bering Seafood” will impress even the most sophisticated gourmets. Caviar and salmon “Vostochny Bereg” (“Bering Seafood”) gets to the table to the consumer fresh, as it is subjected to shock freezing already 4 hours after the catch.

kosher salmon