A Worldwide Acclaimed Luxury Travel Influencer – Andrea Vetrano

andrea vetrano

What it takes to become an influencer? Andrea Vetrano is here to tell us the most important moment in his career as a luxury travel influencer and content creator.

Andrea became a travel influencer a few years ago when his content got recognized by huge luxury hotels. One day, he got contacted by one of the best hotels, offering him a free stay. Previously, Andrea Vetrano’s passion was to travel the world. Finally, he realized that he can combine his passion with traveling. Photography and film-making were always something of his interest.

In 2017 he has this amazing idea, being inspired by other big names in the industry, to completely transform his Instagram account. He started to learn about essential elements in this field such as marketing, communication, business growth, and PR.

Present achievements 

Andrea Vetrano believed that a luxurious holiday goes hand in hand with an eco-friendly way of living, despite all of the preconceptions on this matter. He cooperated with big names such as Four Seasons, Mandarin, Aman, and many others. The big hotel chains love working with him thanks to his professionalism and integrity. He creates great content and this triggered, after all, his success.

Andrea’s job seems to be very glamorous and luxurious. Even if we see just the final result on social media, behind the scenes there is a lot of work involved. Creativity keeps him motivated and traveling gives him freedom, independence, and confidence. What Andrea would tell his 10 years old self at the moment?

Pursue your dreams with all your heart and dedication. Don’t take anyone’s suggestions to the contrary by faith – use them only as advice. Heck, don’t even stop at your dreams; swear by your fantasies and then go even further. You are raised into a privileged environment with a privileged mind, more so than the vast majority of humankind. Resources for learning and creating are virtually unlimited, and a strict sense of justice and morality was wired into you through your education and personal studies. As long as you act according to your morality and ethical standards, you can do no wrong. Do not squander what you have by being satisfied with small accomplishments – they are ephemeral; nor should you be humbled by the glory of and derision from others, use them as the fuel for your ardor, and to prove yourself. However, your seemingly endless energy will not be forever, so strive hard and then some more. The world is your stage, and you are in your planning phase, so prepare a magnificent show that will inspire awe for generations to come.

How does his future look like?

His future dreams involve buying a villa for his family by the seaside, the place where he likes the most to visit. This job offers Andrea a lot of experience and at the same time funny memories. Traveling around the world can be extremely satisfying but at the same time, there will be unforgettable moments as well.

I once was in Venice/Italy and ordered a Cappuccino with whipped cream (instead of this milk foam, which I hate). The waiter refuses to serve such a Cappuccino, but I insisted. Shortly after, the owner of the Cafe came to me and said in a charming Italian accent, that for him it would be a crime to put whipped cream on an excellent Cappuccino and he will make me an original one, which I don’t have to pay, but he can’t serve whipped cream on his Cappuccino. I felt bad and ordered tea instead..

Check Andrea Vetrano on Instagram @andreavetrano and let yourself carried away by the most incredible places. The luxurious life and the exotic destinations will get your attention very shortly and you will realize why his content is so valuable.