Growing Brands with Marco Calamassi

marco calamassi

How an unconventional digital marketer turned passion into profits and built his brand.

Marco Calamassi shares the story of how he grew up as an entrepreneur from selling sneakers on E-bay at the age of ten to building his own brand and becoming the man he is today.

Meet Marco Calamassi

Marco Calamassi is a Miami based Italian entrepreneur who specializes in the e-commerce and digital marketing space and is the founder as well as the CEO of Brandsbuilder. He is an author with the book SHAPING THE REALITY OF 2050 to his credit and a well-known brand influencer who has helped develop a lot of brands.

He also constantly writes for various magazines and gives interviews while providing insights and thoughtful advice to entrepreneurs out there.

A 10-Year-Old Entrepreneur

As a child on the verge of puberty, the thoughts of “hanging out” and “having fun” with friends, basically all things related to coming of age never really appealed to Marco Calamassi. Cala, as he was popularly called, was more interested in creating, planning and executing things. According to him, it was addicting, and he couldn’t let go of the idea of discovering an opportunity and turning it into reality.

Cala started with e-commerce on eBay during a period when the internet was really booming, and a lot of people were turning to the internet to purchase goods and services. According to him then, there was little to no competition.

He discovered Alibaba and taught himself English. He saw an opportunity in buying and selling, and he grabbed it.

He noticed that all of his friends and a lot of people were starting to wear sneakers and decided to start selling sneakers online. He would order a full container of sneaker shoes from China through Alibaba every month and sell them for 5-8x markups, and he made a lot of sales.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing, with time, consumer behaviour began to change, and he experienced failures along the way, but he kept going, and that’s got him to where he is today.

Changing Environments.

After committing to the family business for about three years, in 2009, Marco Calamassi took a trip to Miami and fell in love with the city’s vibes and culture. So for the next five years, that was to be his travel destination, and there he decided to venture into digital marketing, E-commerce and social media marketing. Freedom was his mantra providing one of the major motivations he had, which propelled him into digital marketing and e-commerce. He believed that these businesses would give him enough freedom to travel freely and have fun while making a lot of money without having to carry the burden of a typical brick-and-mortar business.

Thus, Marco Calamassi has been involved in e-commerce since 2011 and is regarded as one of the elite masterminds in e-commerce. He has helped a lot of people to build, scale, manage and sell popular brands on platforms like Clickfunnel and Shopify.

Building Brands

After spending a lot of years working in the digital marketing and e-commerce space and accruing a lot of experience, Marco Calammassi decided to create his own company. The purpose was to help new and existing brands blossom through digital marketing. The company was founded in January 2018 and was named Brands Builder

Brands builder aims at influencing and developing brands for celebrities and businesses. The company helps existing brands to scale up and further develop into household names in their niches.

Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Apart from being a digital marketing and e-commerce genius, Marco Calamassi is also a writer and features in a lot of interviews for entrepreneurs. He regularly gives insight into the things that helped him to succeed as an entrepreneur while also offering advice and words of encouragements to budding entrepreneurs. According to him, during an interview, “Entrepreneurs should be winners and a winner is someone who never quits regardless of the obstacles that come along the way. A winner is a fighter with a clear focus and doesn’t lose sight of the objectives as he clears each hurdle that comes along”.

Having Fun

Marco loves to have fun, that’s one of the reasons why he ventured into digital marketing and e-commerce because they give him more time to do the things he enjoys doing. While he’s not working, Marco Calamassi spends his time visiting beaches and practising sports. He loves soccer, tennis and boating.