Elizabeth Sommers & The Science Behind Modern Aesthetics

The Californian aesthetic RN belongs to the very top cut of the States’ professionals in the field. Serving a range of prestigious clients in Los Angeles, her reputation in the industry is unique.

The experienced beauty nurse has been injecting in aesthetics for over 12 years. It has enabled her to attain remarkable perfection in the associated skills. Galderma and Allergan recognize her talents as she has become their affiliated trainer for the young talents. In her 17 years of career, Elizabeth Sommers has worked with several talented injectors in the industry. Her specialization lies in full facial correction and precision lip fillers for supple enhancement. 

The talent has consistently scored the right achievement she set her eyes on. First, she decided to pursue an aesthetic medical field while she was fifteen years old. Then she moved to Virginia Beach, where she started her practice. Within seven years in the industry, she achieved her first milestone of becoming a trainer in Allergan. The ambitious beauty nurse set her goal for Galderma and qualified to be a trainer within the next year. 

While working for these companies, the young scholar discovered a passion for teaching and training. The partnership with these companies meant she was among the top 1% aesthetic injectors of the industry, especially in the USA. It brought her access to several classified tools, equipment, and injectors such as Revance, a hyaluronic acid filler with a limit on how many people can use it. 

Living By The Codes 

The ethical professional maintains strong codes and regulations regarding her clients. She believes in efficacy. Her teachings have enabled her to share her knowledge and wisdom. These include in-depth expertise in anatomical understanding, safety practices, and new techniques. However, her insightful classes on artistic aspects of treatment and assessments remains a unique topic. Driven from her art interests, Sommers believes every aesthetic injector is an artist, and it’s an art to enhance someone’s beauty. 

On The Right Path

Elizabeth Sommers has completed her Bachelor Of Science In Nursing and looks forward to receiving a license to practice nursing. Furthermore, she aims to revolutionize the luxury and services for the clients and staff alike. Her personalized treatments and practical advice have satisfied several high-end clients. With that in mind, the talented aesthetic nurse will only further establish her name in the industry.