The Monsters NFT: Exclusive Opportunity for Investors

The Monsters NFT
The Monsters NFT

The NFT market has lots of shiny objects and projects that promise life-changing returns.  However, many miss the value-added proposition.  The Monsters NFT is here to change that thanks to lifetime ETH royalties to their first 1k investors!

We had a chance to learn about the vision and roadmap behind The Monsters NFT project, which focuses on the return on investment (ROI) of its investors and holders.  This is not just another NFT project: there are 7,100 handmade, full-bodied creatures with special abilities, traits, and a real valid way to invest in the NFT and crypto market.  They will honor 34% of lifetime royalties to their investors.  While many other projects feature staking to earn their special token, investors will actually earn ETH retards.  

However, that’s not all.  The team is aggressively building their Whitelist and growing their Discord community with serious players who want to INVEST in a project and not just flip for minimal gains.  What makes this project so special is that the value is not only digital but also in the real world because of its exclusive investment properties.  There is no other project that provides 34% royalty returns.

Next, The Monsters NFT will also create and produce their own ERC20 tokens to give coins to our investors or holders as part of other benefits. They will create the ‘Galaxy Shop’ that will allow the investor or holders to customize and upgrade their NFT.  This adds more value market to it, and they will produce a second collection which will give more benefits to the investors and holders of our first collection.  Ultimately as a final goal, we will design and produce a game that can be capable to produce income to the investors and holders. Excited yet? I know we are!!

For complete information, be sure to visit their website and join their discord but here is some additional information:

  • The Monsters NFT is the future of NFT projects: we will allow YOU, the investor, to customize your NFT and increase their value.
  • The Monsters NFT will produce passive income for the investors.
  • The Monsters NFT will give ERC20 tokens to the investors and holders
  • The Monsters NFT are full-bodied creatures.
  • The Monsters NFT has the ability to be customized for each owner on the Galaxy Shop.
  • The abilities and traits of The Monsters NFT are programmed to use in our upcoming video game.
  • The Monsters NFT is 100% handmade digital art.

To learn more, be sure to visit the following: