Clever Business Has No Age Requirements – And That’s Good

Drayson Little has dreamed in capitals from an early age. His success as an entrepreneur at the age of 21 doesn’t come surprising for himself, and once you know his story, it won’t for you either.

Some people have only just reached their twenties and are already thinking about starting an online business. These days, it often seems as though people are beginning their startups younger and younger! But you think twenty-something is young? Meet Drayson Little, who, at 21, has already made over $2 million in sales, starting his empire as a teenager!

He was in his sophomore year when he decided to launch his first Shopify store. He made good use of a two-week break, where he was supposed to be recovering from having his tonsils removed! The stock was taken care of using the dropshipping method, and he has done this for all the subsequent businesses he runs. He sold just an iPhone case during his first startup, but since then he has gone on to sell all sorts of products including toys, kitchen gadgets, and much more.

Drayson says that items which are made to solve a problem are the types of products selling the best. And knowing what sells is very important in this game. This links to something that he believes is one of the reasons that he can hold his own in an industry that has a lot of strong competition. This entrepreneur mentions that it’s his understanding of what makes a customer choose an item on impulse that sets him apart from rivals that, perhaps, do not understand this to the same degree. 

Since the age of 12, Drayson had a desire to either invent something or to be a CEO. He could have invented something, but as a kid, he thought everything that could be invented already had been! But not to worry, he has gone on to invent some very successful business models that make him the owner of several e-commerce formats, bringing in great returns.

So, with this early success under his belt, where does Drayson Little see himself in the next couple of years? Refreshingly, he wants to use his position to help other thriving businesses succeed in the dropshipping and e-commerce sector. Furthermore, once it is, again, possible to do so, he would even like to get up on stage and talk about his amazing business journey. That is a story worth hearing and goes to show that in business, age is but a number! So, you can dream big, and dream big from a young age!