Yair Dabush on The Change of What Kids Want To Do When They Grow Up

Yair Dabush

If you asked kids and teenagers 10 years ago what they wanted to do when they grow up, They would’ve said they want to be a doctor, firefighter, astronaut, veterinarian, etc. But now, if you’ll ask, almost everyone will probably say they want to be YouTubers. 

These days, kids don’t spend their time watching TV as we did. They are spending their time watching their favorite creators play games or video blog on YouTube. In fact, gaming content on YouTube was viewed 50 billion hours in 2018, making it viewed more than any program on TV. 

YouTubers Cashing Out

With that, many Youtubers like Graham Stephan, Ricegum, and others showed how much money they make monthly uploading videos. Which showed that they make tens of thousands of dollars a month. Forbes makes an annual list of the highest-paid Youtube stars. The list includes YouTubers like DanTDM who according to Forbes made $12 million in 2019 and Pewdiepie at $13 million. It’s not surprising that kids want their job to be in video content creation.

Yair Dabush, one of the most known gaming YouTubers in Israel told us about the change in kids’ aspirations he noticed in his country, Israel.

Dabush’ Childhood

– When I was a kid, Youtube was barely a thing. It was founded when I was 8 years old and wasn’t really known in Israel. I spent my childhood playing video games and watching classic Disney and Nickelodeon TV shows. I never thought about watching other people play video games I play. It wasn’t a thing back then. 

Now, if you ask a kid around here what he wants to do he will definitely say he wants to be a YouTuber. Because of that, many big Israeli Youtubers have decided to start hosting online courses to get them there. They charge money from their viewers to see the content they filmed. Making the YouTubers even richer, and the kids spend their parents’ money for guides they can find online and easily even better ones, for free.  I’m not saying it’s wrong, because many children wouldn’t know how to find those guides, and also don’t understand the English language, so it’s more accessible for them, Dabush states.

Parents Sees The Potential

Not only kids want to be YouTubers, but also parents see the potential in being a content creator. In fact, the highest earners are kids like Ryan Kaji who started reviewing toys on his channel when he was 3 years old. His parents are the ones who do everything behind the scenes and the ones who get him the toys to play with on video. According to Forbes’s list, he is the highest earning Youtuber, and he makes approximately $26 million a year.