British Actress Adi Alfa: How I Found My Path In Life

Adi Alfa
Adi Alfa

Adi Alfa may have achieved vast amounts in her acting career to date, but it was not always that way. Before she found her true calling in life, there was uncertainty as to what she would do. We find out all about how she found her passion and got to where she is today.

Laser-Like Focus

Jake Abraham, Philip Olivier, Warren Brown, Steven Bauer, Armand Assante, Fred Williamson and Ken Davitian are just some of the names award-winning Adi Alfa has worked with in the past.

Irrespective of the names that she works with, the British actress, producer, writer and multi-hyphenate creative keeps a laser-like focus on the task and continues to bring her unique sauce to the media industry.

Whether presenting or casting, Adi’s creative instincts include critical skills like reading a room and forming fruitful collaborations with people from all walks of life. 

Her relatability and open-mindedness as a producer is highly regarded in the media industry – something that stems from Adi’s own multicultural, mixed ethnicity background.

Originally born in London, Adi was raised in Liverpool by her Nigerian father and her Jamaican-Chinese-English mother, before later entering the foster system. 

Adi credits her valuable life and travel experiences for giving her the confidence to properly pursue her professional acting dreams.

Finding Your Path

However, while Adi has now well and truly found her path in life, it was not always that way.

Like many people, after university she did not really know what direction she wanted to go in so travelled for six month on a round the world ticket.

But it was that move to spend her days around the globe which played an integral role in where Adi is today.

Travelling really changed her in a good way, it gave her the confidence to go for what she really wanted but was scared to ever do. That is when she decided that she wanted to pursue her dream of acting and she went on the search for an agent.  

Adi’s first audition after joining was an M&S commercial and she really messed up. However, they loved her authenticity and down to earth nature and still gave her the job!

Ambitious Vision

With a versatile, naturalistic and relatable acting style, Adi’s talents are clear to see.

But, despite the success she has already enjoyed in her career so far, she is showing no sign of letting up in her efforts.

The determined figure is vowing to continue doing all that she can to continue growing as she sets her sights on a range of ambitious new goals.

In the next 12 months, she sees herself working on big film projects, as well as creating some of her own projects with her production company Media Worx.  

Adi has urged people to keep an eye out for two future projects in particular. These are feature film, Finding Forever, and TV series, Darlings of Sin.

But although Adi has an impressive level of discipline and commitment to her career, there are also many things she enjoys doing while she is not working.

These consist of spending quality time with her family and friends, writing scripts, travelling and keeping fit.

Although work is crucial in today’s society, it is absolutely vital to take the time out to recharge the batteries.

A failure to do so could ultimately result in people burning out and seeing a reduced level of performance.

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