A Visionary Of Medical Aesthetic Excellence – Dr. Adel Quttainah

What does it take to stand at the top of your industry? Are you ever satisfied with what you have, or do you desire greatness by evolving? If you seek answers to question like these, perhaps a man with a vision in the Middle East will inspire you.

“Success doesn’t come easy. It comes to those who consistently strive to be the best.” Dr. Adel Quattainah consistently sought perfection in his field. He is a pioneer of cosmetic surgery and medical treatment in the Middle East. 

His medical training started at the National University of Ireland. To become a full-fledged plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he completed his five-year residency program at McMaster University. That’s where most people would stop and settle for what they have, but not Dr. Adel Quttainah. 

He was looking to stand out, to be someone truly different. To reach the epitome, he followed a post-graduation program at the University of Toronto. This is where he stood out from the rest. His aim to become the best led him to hone microsurgery, breast reconstruction, and free muscle transfer. Combining his precision and expertise, he became the master of free tissue transfer with perforator flaps.

A Brilliant Mind Thinks Differently

He knew that the majority of Middle Eastern cosmetic surgeons didn’t have such expertise. and definitely not the same combination of top level education. Through his determination and hard work, Dr. Quttainah was already standing as one of the best professionals in the field. For many, this should be the end of the ‘learning phrase.’ Many would initiate their careers or seek to settle. However, the thought of stopping was way beyond the doctor’s grasp.

To perfect his art, he followed up with two fellowships from renowned professionals in the aesthetic industry. He received an aesthetic fellowship under Dr. Lloyd Carlsen and a clinical fellowship under Dr. James Bain.  These two fellowships reinforced his confidence. He returned to the Middle East and joined Saad Specialist Hospital in Al Khobar of Saudi Arabia to head the Plastic Surgery Department. 

A True Revolutionary Thinks Beyond His Own Interests

Dr. Quttainah wanted a single-stop solution for his clients’ convenience and to ease up the process. That’s where he got the revolutionary idea for Quttainah Medical Center. With his out of the box thinking, he introduced a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic that combined and offered a complete range of medical treatments and procedures. From your hair to the skin, even weight management expertise was offered.

Through consistency, he managed to grow his innovative approach to a private cosmetic surgery clinic into a grand Quttainah Medical Center that stands as an example of where ambitions can lead you. Despite his achievements, he still seeks to expand to Qatar, Dubai, and perhaps other regions. 

Dr. Quttainah shows us that if you want to become great, never stop dreaming, tackle each day with pure conviction, and you will become successful.