Ursula Maria talks about the Entertainment Business

The entertainment business, this extremely competitive and notoriously brutal world where each individual is just trying to climb the ladder to fame. Is it just brutal?

“No.” says Ursula, who has first hand experience with how tough working in the performing arts can be. She has worked in entertainment since she was 13 years of age and has had to learn the hard way how tough and unpredictable this line of work can be. Ursula has gained extensive knowledge of her craft, working both in Europe and all the way across the pond in the US. 

“No, it’s not. There’s amazing people working in entertainment and being on set surrounded by them can be absolutely amazing. It’s such a creative atmosphere and you get to meet lots of talented people, many of which will become your friends.”

But of course, it’s not easy. 

“Comparing yourself to the success of others is one of the worst things you can do. It only leads to unhappiness. You will never know if someone got a role because they deserved it or because they knew the right person.” That it is about who you know versus what you know is a very ugly truth that often rears its head no matter which industry you work in. She shared, “unfortunately a lot of people are able to get ahead in life because of who they know.”

But that didn’t stop her from coming to Los Angeles all the way from Austria to work as an actress and star in films that screened at plenty of film festivals, even winning awards for some of them. 

It’s important to bet on your strengths and have some unique characteristics, she says. “My uniqueness comes from being bilingual in German and English, as well as being very athletic.. That, in addition to being a trained actress, gives me an advantage when it comes to booking certain roles requiring a level of athleticism or someone who is able to speak German.” 

She maintains a solid reputation of punctuality and reliability as well, and says “A lot of people like to work with someone they have worked with previously, who was able to deliver. So it’s of utmost importance to be reliable, never late and always prepared.”

“It’s a tough industry and depends a lot on luck, like being in the right place at the right time. It’s hard and competitive but it’s important to never lose sight of your goals while forging your own unique path.” 

And she is determined to continue doing that.