Tristan Leyco Launches Woman Empowerment Skateboard Brand, Implied Skateboards

tristan leyco

Tristan Leyco is a man of many talents. He is most known for his career success with photography and videography, but is also a singer-songwriter and the co-founder of companies ModelGrams, and Implied Skateboards.

Having been born in Lucena City in the Philippines, Tristan and his family moved to Queens, New York when he was 3 years old. His family were passionate about developing as many creative outlets as possible, and encouraged Tristan to play a multitude of instruments, including the piano, clarinet, guitar and joining the school band and church choir. As of 2020, Leyco is talented at producing, mastering, mixing and mastering his own music, which he hopes he will be able to put to work more in the future.

Stand For What You Believe In

Leyco has always been a gentleman at heart, which shows in his dedication to donating 1% of total sales from the company he’s co-founded, Implied Skateboards, to support a non-profit charitable women’s foundation. He credits his profound respect for women to the fact that he was raised in a female dominant household, where he was taught to always treat women with the utmost respect. He is dedicated to providing a safe and encouraging space for women in his work, and holds himself accountable that the models he works with are always comfortable and having fun. Because of this, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, most notably including Victoria Justice, famed actress and singer.

Lead with Individuality

He believes in channeling each models individual characteristics into the photos he takes, and has stated “Nowadays, models are more-so advertised solely as eye candy. To me, tackling this line of work with that standardized concept in mind lacks depth, substance and meaning behind it. My work is meticulously and diligently crafted with each and every piece of content showcasing women in a different light.” His dedication to creating unique and exciting photographs which exhibit each models individuality shines through in his work. His photos are crafted clearly highlighting the beauty of the female form.

Every Opportunity is a Chance to Grow

Leyco believes that in order to prosper in the future you must stay true to your values, as “the accomplishments, inevitable hardships and life lessons you’re going to face will only shape you into the man you’ve unknowingly hoped to be. So, yes, continue to be your 100% unequivocal true self.” He believes in staying true to your roots, and names his parents as two of his biggest influences. He states that, if he were not encouraged to get involved with so many different creative endeavours from a young age, he wouldn’t be anywhere near the man he is today. He believes in always approaching work with a positive attitude, and saying yes to every opportunity that presents itself as you never know where it will take you. He mentions “In 2015, I felt tied down, stuck in an endless loop, so, I told myself, from that moment on I’d say yes to every possible opportunity that presented itself in front of me. Next thing you know, my life has changed drastically within a short span of time.”

Tristan’s story is a great reminder than although, as entrepreneurs, we may know exactly what we want to be doing, or where our strengths lie, always approaching every opportunity with an open and welcoming attitude can get us out of a rut, and moving forward at an incredible pace.

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