Teenagers Can Learn A Lot From This Influencer – Scarlett Bella Song

A lot of young people are confused in regards of their life path. Some just can’t figure out what to do with their lives, even as an adult. Some say there has been a lack of true personalities to idolize, especially for teenagers. A good teen idol can lead an entire wave of generations to significant progress.

That’s what the 13 years old Scarlett Bella Song is doing with her audience on Instagram and Tik Tok. Scarlett Bella Song is working towards empowering humanity for a better tomorrow. She is the role model a lot of parents would like for their children to choose, and for many reasons. 

A Girl With Many Talents 

Scarlett has been singing, dancing, and acting since she was three years old. The young talent discovered her love for dance after starting with hip-hop and contemporary. Today, she is exploring various dance forms to learn more.

As a talented artist, she possesses a designing streak. It is evident from her charmingly designed teenaged jewelry collection. The collaboration with Annie & Sisters, Annie & Scarlett, will be available for teenagers this fall.

The adolescent storyteller loves to express through her dance concepts, creativity, and performance. Scarlett is working rigorously towards her future self to become a pop star or join a K-pop band. 

A Travelling Spirit 

The multi-talented teenager is also an avid traveler. She has explored over 15 countries, including her home country, South Korea. The collective experience of people, culture, history, and exploration has developed keen aptitude. While most people struggle with thought clarity, her life experiences distinguish her.

This is the reason why Scarlett is firm on her goals and ambitions. She knows exactly what she needs to do to get to the top. Her aspirations include becoming a pop star, a successful entrepreneur, and starting a production studio by herself. These qualities and realization set her further apart from other teenaged celebrities. 

Leading An Everyday Life 

Hard work runs through her veins. Scarlett doesn’t attend home school for three hours like many peers at her position. Instead, she is a member of the award-winning hip-hop and contemporary dance academy. Mcdonald’s has signed her for commercial, and she is also a part of MSA. Regardless of various high-level contracts, she attends school regularly, just like an everyday girl.

This sets her as an example that almost anyone can do what she’s doing. All you need to do is believe in yourself, focus your energy in the right place, and progress. She takes time to practice in the evening and on weekends. The dedicated soul doesn’t know how to stop working hard. Such an attitude to achieve everything undoubtedly sets her apart.

Scarlett is working towards a cause for social justice and fighting for the positive growth of the world and humanity. 

You can find more about Scarlett Bella Song on her Instagram handles:


She is also available on her TikTok –  @dancingscarlettbella_