Social Media Lessons Learned Along The Way – Caroline Zalog

caroline zalog

Life tends to teach us all lessons – but most, if not all, of those lessons are in no way based around how to get big on social media even if that is someone’s biggest dream. This is why we’ve brought the stunningly beautiful Caroline Zalog along with us – to share her tips and tricks on how she got big, what keeps her going, and the motivation behind the very much respectable work that she does today!

Social Media Lessons – Biggest Lesson Learned

One of the biggest lessons that Caroline has actually learned during her career in the sphere of social media would be that caring whether she please everyone that she encounters or not is a sure way to reach rock bottom – especially when it comes to the judgemental world of social media.

Taking constructive criticism and turning it into something that can help you improve yourself is, of course, very much important – but when that ability to take criticism transforms itself into something akin to an obsession to please others is when things start getting rather unpleasant for all parties involved, especially the creator themselves.

Although such a lesson is indeed rather obvious when said out loud, many people – Caroline included – have struggled with seeing and even accepting such facts; and some people, creators or otherwise, still struggle with actually taking that lesson to heart rather than simply dismissing it with a shake of the head.

Social Media Motivation – Keeping Yourself On Track

Keeping yourself on track all the time is, surely, a very difficult thing to do – especially when your job involves digital elements more often than it involves actual real life elements. However, keeping your motivation up and in the right levels is absolutely essential – and the best way to do such a thing is through keeping your goals clear and your head clearer!

Unlike many social media stars, Caroline has managed to, ultimately, keep her path to success clear overall by focusing on the most important things in her career – the quality of her content and how she can reach as many potential followers as she can!

Social media is, like any other profession, a business – but it also happens to be a pleasure for most people that work with it as a living! Motivation comes from passion, which is exactly why Caroline is now pursuing all the projects she is currently running on social media! The more passion she is able to dish out, the better she will be able to focus on her overall career.

Her best advice to others is to do what they love, rather than trying – and failing – to please absolutely every single person that may or may not see their social media profile. Going astray due to the fact that you wish to please someone who might not even be interested in the kind of content you put out is both an unnecessary risk as well as a losing gamble – not to mention a complete and total drain of valuable resources, among which personal energy and overall morale can be found.

Ironically, trying and failing to please everyone is nothing but doom for any social media star – which is why keeping a tunnel vision towards your ultimate goal on your respective platform is what is most important in such a career.

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