The Emergence of Verba

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What The Verba app does

The fear of public speaking, commonly known as glossophobia, is a widespread phenomenon that affects a large percentage of the population.

In a recent survey conducted by the National Communication Association (NCA), it was revealed that a staggering 83% of Americans confessed to experiencing nervousness when addressing a crowd. This apprehension is so severe that almost 30% of the respondents would rather face death than deliver a speech!

The National Institute of Mental Health conducted a study that showed that 75% of individuals felt anxious before speaking in public, with the majority of them reported feeling much more confident after they finished their speech. These statistics clearly indicate that public speaking is indeed a challenging task, but with proper preparation and practice, one can overcome this fear and deliver an impactful speech with confidence.

Verba, a revolutionary new app, has emerged in the realm of public speaking, poised to transform the manner in which individuals communicate and express themselves. 

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Sashv Dave, a student from Silicon Valley, brimming with passion for speech and communication, spearheads this comprehensive platform. It utilizes state-of-the-art NLP technology to furnish users with personalized learning experiences.

Public speaking holds immense importance in both personal and professional spheres, with the importance of remote communication increasing in the era of virtual collaboration and remote work. Verba offers a singular solution, delivering a custom curriculum directly to users via a mobile app, catering to their unique needs and goals.

What sets Verba apart is its capability to personalize the learning journey. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur seeking better customer connection, a student preparing for a lecture, or anyone seeking to enhance their public speaking skills, Verba’s NLP technology provides a customized curriculum that aligns with your interests.

The app provides a broad spectrum of lessons aimed at enhancing communication, boosting confidence while speaking in front of a crowd, and overcoming the fear of public speaking. The interactive learning experience it offers optimizes the impact of your training, enabling you to master the art of preparing for a speech, effectively using body language, connecting with the audience, and more.

What is Verba? Verba is the ultimate solution for anyone seeking to elevate their communication skills. Its comprehensive platform, interactive lessons, and NLP-powered curriculum make it the premier public speaking app in the market. Download Verba today and embark on your journey to speaking with confidence!