Mental Health & Fashion Expert – Christopher Senekki

christopher senekki

Many people in the society develop serious mental health issues due to how they perceive themselves, and men are not exempted from this ever growing list. In fact, the suicide rate for men in England in 2019 was the highest for two decades.

The ONS said men accounted for about three-quarter of suicide deaths registered in 2019, 4,303 compared with 1,388 women, which then gives rise to the question of why so many males feel that there’s no other option other than taking their own lives. A very crucial factor many fail to realize is the toxic alpha male ideal in the world of men.

For over two decades, Christopher Senekki has been advocating the importance in preserving the mental health of men. Christopher wants to use his voice to raise awareness about men’s mental health and the role self-perception plays in helping men cope with anxiety, stress and other mental health related issues.

Christopher Senekki has always been fascinated with the gentleman’s etiquette and style, and he believes fashion plays a major role in self-acceptance and how we view ourselves. Seeing as he also once found himself battling with low self-esteem, social anxiety and depression, but was able to rise and learn from his struggles, his personal experience has served as a propellant in his desire in helping other men that are struggling to cope better with feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and the likes.

Christopher Senekki understands that self-perception is the main reason why many men suffer from mental health issues. The need to fit into the status quo has led many to anxiety, low self-esteem and depression amidst other mental health challenges. But by being well aware of the fact that most of his audience struggle with trying to fit in, Christopher always reminds them that fitting in isn’t the end goal. Men must focus on exploring their own style and passion which will inevitably bring out happiness and positivity.

Christopher has been a major follower of men’s fashion trends for over 25 years and has an ocean of expertise when it comes to the casual gentleman’s street style.

Combining his immense passion for fashion with his enthusiasm for men’s mental health, Christopher Senekki’s goal is to help men achieve greater self-confidence through their streetwear. What you wear out and about in an everyday context is part of what defines you as a person. According to Christopher, the world of contemporary fashion has a significant, yet often underrated role in developing mental health, especially for men. For many men off all ages, fashion plays a critical role in their self-perception, which is why keeping up with the current trends is pivotal.

With over 100,000 followers on his Instagram account, Christopher gives his fans and followers advice on how to style themselves and he also inspires them through his curated style photo compilations.

Through his social media platform, Christopher is widening his reach and guiding his followers to achieving better versions of themselves. He has partnered and is a member of men’s mental organization in the UK and we would no doubt love to see what more Christopher Senekki has in store.

You can check his Instagram here: @s__christopher