Meet Egli Haxhiraj – The King Of International Investments & World Renowned Lawyer

Egli Haxhiraj

Egli Haxhiraj is a successful International Tax Lawyer and Business coach. He studies in Italy and then seeing the opportunities in Albania, he traveled back home to become a lawyer. Egli was appointed Judicial Advisor to the Tirana Court of Appeal at a relatively young age. What is his philosophy of life and how he managed to become so in his area of expertise? 

First of all, Egli is creative and brave enough to get out of his comfort zone. He saw an opportunity and immediately he thought of an action plan. As soon as there was an increase in the international investments in Albania, he proceeded in creating his own niche and offering his tax services to foreign companies. This is how “Fare Impresa” was created.

“The best way to succeed in this period is to apply the Blue Ocean strategy. Let’s imagine for a moment that the markets in which all companies operate are divided into two parallel oceans of different colors, one red and one blue, depending on where companies are positioned.”

As a result of his determination and experience, Egli Haxhiraj opened a Coaching Company in London with a course called “Doing Business Abroad” which includes strategies for entrepreneurs and business professionals. His future dreams are very much related to developing this company and creating a movement of people who share the same values of free entrepreneurship and freedom to establish a life where they are treated better. He believes that this is not possible overnight and it might take a few years.

Egli is excited to learn from his experience and to teach others what he learned from them. Not only that he is a very successful entrepreneur but also he is an author and the Lawyer of the VIPs having to travel all over Europe to manage and sustain his companies.

What is his secret? Everything he’s done so far has the focus point on the client, this is what makes him stand out. The core value of Fare Impresa is that everyone should have the right to pursue happiness. Egli Haxhiraj strongly believes that overcoming the obstacles in life takes courage but the reward is totally worth it. One of his favorite quotes below express the same thoughts.

“Think of yourself as a civil engineer called upon to build a road. There is a swamp, a mountain, dense forests, and loose shale on the path the road will take.

You don’t rail against these obstacles or curse them. It is your job as a civil engineer to get the road built and you figure out if you will go over, under, or through the barriers. Life is the same. Problems in your life are the “obstacles” you are given. Figure out how you can live a joyful and meaningful life in spite of them.” – Dr. Srikumar Rao

To conclude, Egli Haxhiraj became the person he is today due to his passion to help entrepreneurs to build their business, the expertise gained from experience, and also from his time invested in education and self-development and nonetheless, the creativity which pushed him to find new markets to deliver his services.

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