MBA Turned Dutch Fashion Sensation Negin Mirsalehi


There are a lot of stories of pretty girls turning up for big  success in the world of fashion. But this is another type of a story altogether.

Have you ever heard of a business school female graduate who loves beekeeping and made 3 million people on Instagram love her fashion sense? 

Well if you have not then meet the fashion sensation Negin Mirsalehi. Born in the Netherlands now her fashion brand and beauty company are global now. Why and how? Well let her speak on the matter:

“I think I knew that there were [professional] things to do in fashion, like being a stylist. But I think the existing jobs in fashion weren’t really that appealing to me. At what point did you decide to get into blogging and start your social feeds? It was around the time that I was writing my thesis, so it was the last phase of my studies. Actually, that’s when I discovered Instagram and that’s also when I discovered the blogger phenomenon. It wasn’t until that point that I started doing my research about what bloggers do and how they earn their money. That was during my thesis period that I was sort of exploring.”

It must have taken a lot of courage and conviction to change the career as drastically as from business administration to fashion.

“I think I always knew that I had an interest in it, and especially being in high school and during my university period, I increasingly started to recognize that even more. For me, it was always hard because I loved the corporate world, as well; there wasn’t really that one thing that I wanted to do. I did my bachelor’s degree in business administration and my masters in marketing just because it was still very broad and I could go several ways. I was interested in fashion and beauty, but not in a way that I would follow a fashion course [in school].”

But beyond that and having 5 figure ad spot deals with global fashion brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton she wanted more.

“And then, eventually, I created my own hair-care company, Gisou. How did I decide to do that and why? It was something that was always in the back of my mind, but I never knew how interested people were in my hair and in the story about my beekeeping history with my family. One time, I posted something about being in a bee garden, and people wanted to know so much more about that and about my hair rituals, so it was a very logical step to start Gisou.”

Inspired by what her family loved for generations it was beekeeping. Helping her ultimately found Her hair-care brand, Gisou, which she founded with boyfriend Maurits Stibb in 2015.  And she never looked back!