Chris Robinson, owner of Branded Skateshop, Shares His Tips to Dominating the World of Sneakers

chris robinson @sbcollector

From a sneakers collector to a successful entrepreneur. This is the story of Chris Robinson, who believed in himself and in his dreams. He was only 14 when he bought his first pair of sneakers and now he is conquering the world of sneakers, a world of art. 

Even if at this stage, Chris Robinson is one of the persons who own the rarest pair of sneakers in the world, his biggest success was to get to a level financially where he was able to care for his family and for the ones he loved. Chris build a nice community of over 130k on Instagram and he owns over 3000 pairs of sneakers. 

From a collector to have his own shop, this journey was definitely very interesting and it involved a lot of hard work. In 2007 he opened his first store, called Addicted Sole a small sneaker store located in Long Branch. In 2009 the store closed but Chris opened another one in 2011 and now they are celebrating almost 10 years of success. He collaborated with the number one Reebok collector and completely smashed it! 

Chris Robinson has an Irish and African American background, with a different perspective upon fashion, compared with what we usually see on our society nowadays. This characteristic makes his company stand out.

“Why I feel I stand out from a lot of other collectors is my love for Sample pairs, which are the pairs that the brands work on before releasing the actual shoe. These pairs tend to be different than the actual released version and can therefore be much more sought after and valuable in today’s market. Sometimes these shoes can get scrapped, and in some cases, I have the only pair in existence.“

Chris Robinson sees the sneakers world a universe full of art, rather than just shoes. Every single detail is important and his collection is indeed outstanding. What is his motivation? The sneaker hunt! Or how the community likes to call these unique treasures, ‘unicorns’. This is why every morning Chris wakes up, checks eBay, StockX, and Nike for rarities and this is how the hunt begins. 

We can agree that Chris Robinson has an impressive story and his achievements are an inspiration for us. He did not stop dreaming and as soon as he got to a goal, another one arises. We had the opportunity to ask Chris what is his financial goal.

“After achieving my initial goals set as a kid, my next goal is to get my net worth to $5 million, buy a Rolls Royce truck and have them customize the ceiling to the constellations from my birthday.”

Chris Robinson had a model that inspired him all the time, Kanye West. With a goal in mind, determination, and a person to look up to, someone to inspire and bring the best version of himself, Chris Robinson made his way up to success by proving wrong to everyone who did not believe in him. 

Check Chris on Instagram @SBcollector to see his amazing collection.