Born on April 19th, 1991, Ishell Vaughan is an American Music Video Director known for his innovative and artistic vision. Combining his unique problem-solving ability from his background in math and engineering, with his one-of-a-kind creative perspective, Ishell is able to bring his extraordinary visions to life in film. We sat down with Ishell to get the exclusive on the four keys to his success in the filmmaking industry. 

Key 1

Take risks! As quoted by Ishell, “No Risk, No Rarri.” Ishell explained to us how he lived by this quote and that you must take risks in the filmmaking industry, you must push the boundaries of the on-screen possibilities. 

Key 2

Ishell followed this up by encouraging his followers not to be afraid to fail. He surmised that making mistakes was the most important way to learn. “Take the risk, and if it fails it fails, however, you will never learn from your mistakes if you do not make them.”

Key 3

Keep Going.” Ishell explained to us that, “you are going to fail a lot, but if you let those failures stop you, your career is over.” Perseverance is an extremely important trait in this industry as not every film is going to ‘blow up’ with success. “Some have to flop in order for others to shine.”

Key 4

“Do what you love. Find the genre of filmmaking that you love and do it. Even if you aren’t a filmmaker this applies to everyone, just do what you love.” The saying as old as time goes, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” This rings entirely true for Ishell as he has found his passion and gets to wake up and do what he loves every day of his life. 

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