Goh Rong Yao And His Influential eCommerce Business Values

goh rong yao

Everyone has their values, be they average or admirable – and all values have applications, especially in eCommerce. In Goh Rong Yao’s case, his fun mixes with pleasure just as his values mix with business – and the results couldn’t be any more satisfying!

eCommerce Values And Their Sources – Efficiency Proficiency

Similar to his role model Elon Musk, Goh Rong Yao is a thinker – a genius and an innovator in his field of work. His main goals are to enable others to use his genial techniques and apply them to their own businesses, both in the now AND in the future. As an active man, Rong Yao understands the importance and principles of efficiency – both in sports or inside the gym, as well as in any successful business.

The language of sports and businesses can often intermingle with one another – both require skill, knowledge of the different tactics and techniques for the best possible results, and the actual energy to take care of all the ever-changing factors which the world (or the adversary team) tend to throw at you and your fellow players in the field. When in doubt, it’s always best to follow Rong Yao’s example and be true to your inner values!

Emerging Business Successes – Family Relations And Business Foundations

Family, health, freedom – these are the core values which Goh Rong Yao has highlighted and dearly holds near his heart. Family helps with relations, evidently, both with actual relatives AND potential business partners. The business family refers to the people you work with and attempt to help out as much as you possibly can. Naturally, this can bloom into a beautiful relationship of mutual respect and camaraderie, which undoubtedly helps with both communication and efficiency – something Rong Yao is well aware of, and because of this he manages to nourish such a relationship with his every client, which in turn results to his projects all steadily growing and, eventually, flowering into beautifully developed digital businesses in the eCommerce area.

Business Health In eCommerce – Healthy Body, Healthy Business

Health, on the other hand, is important when it comes to both physical and business health. Without physical health, it’d be awful hard to grow a starting business, let alone manage it properly and, without good business health, the usual tactics that can be applied will most definitely be fruitless – can’t build a colosseum on a crumpling foundation now, can we?

An example of poor business health would be a weak starting concept – sure, you want to make a shop, but what kind? What niche will it specialize in? What aesthetic and recognizable characteristics will it have? The basis of a business has to be strong in order to be built upon and spread around the Internet with a good chance of actual success.

Not even the best marketing strategies can save an inherently flawed foundation.

eCommerce And The Free Market – Freedom And Its Necessity

Naturally, everything needs laws and everything absolutely, undoubtedly, irrefutably needs structure – but too much of either can also kill a business.

A free business is a potentially successful business. A business without the necessary permissions to do this or that as seen necessary by the ones who either own it, care for it, or nourish it will undoubtedly either remain unseen by the majority of the target audience, or it’ll simply sink into obscurity sooner or later. Freedom means doing what’s necessary without actual delays, which in turn means a more efficient and growth-encouraging eCommerce brand building process.

While control and order are always necessary, doing something straight out of Orwell’s writings isn’t the most efficient – or financially healthy – way to go, and most people will be to likely agree with that statement.

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