Daniel Foganholi’s Vision to Heal Divisions Across America


While the political divisions continue to rip through communities across the United States, Daniel Foganholi is determined to play his part in helping the nation overcome the challenges it faces. We hear all about his ambitions, as well as his background.

A voice for residents

After he announced last month that he was running for State Representative of Florida’s 97th District in 2022, Daniel Foganholi has wasted no time in getting to work.

He is the first generation American son of immigrants from Brazil, who came to the United States with a dream of making a better life for their children.

Now a husband and father to an energetic three-year-old, Daniel is on a mission to serve his community as best as he can.

He is vying to be a voice for all residents and people in the community.

Mission to deliver change

The Republican candidate truly believes in America First values.

Of course, the United States is going through one of its most challenging periods in recent times amid major division and uncertainty.

Tolerance for opposing political views has, for the most part, gone out of the window – and gone are the days when individuals can have a healthy conversation despite disagreeing on issues.

But Daniel is on a mission to do all he can to help deliver change.

Instead of the divisive rhetoric that only serves to divide the nation, he wants to get back to the days when everyone treated each other with respect and worked to tackle issues together.  

That is what his candidacy is about as he prepares for an extremely busy year ahead as he campaigns ahead of the elections.

Lack of leadership

Countless numbers of individuals have stood for office but, unlike Daniel, the majority have traditional political backgrounds.

Being from the entertainment business, Daniel tried to stay far from the political arena. But the older he got, the more he saw the lack of leadership in the community and how much it affects the people around him, as well as his own family.

Daniel will be the first Republican candidate running in this district in the last four years. 

The determined individual believes there is a need for new conservative voices, not only in the area but across the nation. 

He also believes young people need to stand up and start using their voices to fight for the country – and he hopes to be the voice and leader to start this movement.

Follow Daniel on Instagram @Dfoganholi.