DeezNuts Gets Massive Boost After NFL Superstar Investment

The charity coin with the purpose of raising money for cancer research has gained another big supporter. None other than Tampa Bay Buccs’ wide receiver Antonio Brown announced his endorsement of the currency and its cause. Not only that, but also announcing a major investment.

Good days for a good cause! Charity coin DeezNutsCoin has another major superstar announcing heavy investments. NFL superstar Antonion Brown, who helped the Tampa Bay Buccanneers clinch the Super Bowl Trophy in Florida earlier this year, has come out with a massive statement. Tom Brady’s companion and favourite target claims to be going ‘ALL IN on DeezNuts‘, clarifying that he stands behind the cause and nature of the currency.

With the target to raise funds for cancer research, the crypto currency belongs to those who serves more than just a technical or entertainment purpose for the mass audience. A purpose that several investors and celebrities have already backed up with investments. The recent endorsement of the national football league’s top 5 wide receiver, is a major addition and crucial for the future and predictions made for the coin.

All smiles – does 2021 have more wins on hold for Antonio Brown?

Brown, being known not only as a polarizing character besides his athlete career, is also know for smart investments and big business moves. The Twitter statement will have raised the attention of many, way beyond the circle of football and sports.

With a fluctuating market, we are having our eyes set on the development during summer and where DeezNuts will stand by the end of the year. The direction looks very positive.