Turning Challenges Into Opportunities With Alec Martin

Alec Martin is proud of his achievements.

We all grow up with completely different privileges and chances handed, but the key to a better vision and life is in the mindset. If you aren’t given the opportunities you want, you have to create them. Alec Martin, better known as Astyle Alive, has turned that attitude into his credo.

The young entrepreneur came to New York at the age of 8 after an early childhood in Jamaica. From the earliest age he is remembered as very social and open minded, always happy to make a new connection and transfer his enthusiasm onto his surroundings. 

Martin received his nickname Astyle Alive because of his confident and lively appearance, effortlessly becoming a trade mark before his first attempts at business. So the idea for him to start his first venture in fashion was never too far off. His clothing company, that he branded under his nick name, was his foot in the door to the entrepreneurial world. And once he entered, he never looked back. 

Alec Martin is currently successfully running multiple ventures, including the commercial and residential real estate agency One Umbrella Enterprise Inc. The company is specialized on the acquisition and development of a wide range of high-end residential properties, as well as commercial real estate. With offices and associates all over the US, including New York, Florida, Georgia and Maryland, Martin has built a progressive foundation for long-term success.

Emphasizing quality and long term visions

His younger brand is Tranquil, a rising company that sells hemp products such as CBD oil and oil infused goods. They separate themselves strongly from the market by delivering a highly educated approach and top end product. Especially high performance related professionals such as athletes and fitness trainers trust Alec Martin’s brand

Alec Martin is looking forward to meet a handful of potential investors in the United Kingdom in January, to look further into growing his brand overseas. 

Success stories, that aren’t taken for granted by the self-made entrepreneur. Part of a tight-knit and supportive family, he is always trying his hardest to balance personal life and career.

His family, including his wife and son, are the daily inspiration for the faithful young man. Together, they have overcome personal struggles and tragedies throughout the years in victories fashion, building a remarkable vision for the future.