Truls Aandal – Most Followed Norwegian Twitter Account

Truls Aandal

Having lots and lots of followers on social media is good flex material, but being at the top of the list for your country surely must be next level. We spoke to the most followed Norwegian Twitter account – Truls Aandal.

Truls Aandal registered his Twitter account in November 2019, and in one year he has amassed more than 340,000 followers.

Photo: Twitter (@ttrulss)

– I just surpassed our Prime Minister, Erna Solberg in Twitter followers last week, and at that point – it was laughable. Who would’ve thought that an account like mine could be of interest to so many people? Truls wonders.

Aandal, who has tweeted 639 times since his registration on the platform is surprised to see that nearly 350,000 people share the same views as him.

– I like to post motivational quotes, spread positivity, and share my thoughts on matters affecting the world. I believe the world needs more kindness, and that’s what I try to provide. At the same time, I try to keep it professional, as I also run a digital media agency on the side, and like to be a good representation of the work that we do there Truls states.

Not An Avid Instagrammer?

While Truls seems to have built a pretty good following on the Facebook-owned app Instagram, he shares an idea that he surely isn’t alone about.

Photo: Instagram (@ttrulss)

– I’ve never really been into posting pictures. Most of my Instagram followers come over from Twitter – which I appreciate. But I don’t consider myself to be an active Instagrammer. I believe a lot of people feel uncomfortable posting pictures of themselves, their loved ones, and family happenings, and I can openly say that I am one of them, Truls adds.

How Do You Maintain Activity On Twitter, And Grow Your Account To An Acceptable Size?

– Well, there’s no set amount you need to reach to be at an acceptable size. Some accounts are big, and some are small. The amount of followers you have doesn’t determine your importance, influence, or how you are as a human being. All it means is that your tweets were favored in an algorithm, and it was put in front of more people that ended up liking it. I believe it’s important to interact with your followers and engage with others. One way to grow on Twitter is to engage with trends.

What Type Of Account Can Grow Big On Twitter?

– Any account can grow big on Twitter. If you’ve got good content, you will get noticed. Keeping up consistency in good content will make people follow you. That’s really the “hard nut” people try to crack on the platform. Theme-based accounts are also popular on Twitter, and parody is welcomed! Twitter is the place where you first discover what’s happening – and that’s what’s so exciting about the platform.

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