The New Wave Of Personal Coaching – 2020 Asks For More Than A Mindset

In this digital age, things that have always worked perfectly get thrown over with a single event, with a single invention. Social media has not only affected our mental health, but also our opportunities. Pauly Long combines both.

The Philadelphia personal training and marketing coach knows that happiness in personal life and success in the career go hand in hand.

What you spent the majority of you lifetime with should feel as some sort of purpose that you enjoy. But oh so often, people see a lot of challenges and hurdles in front of that ideal life. Challenges so big, that they don’t even approach the change. 

Pauly Long has an incredible ability breaking those irrationally blown up fears down for people, helping them not only transform to am abundant mindset and lifestyle, but offering hands on leadership and actual tools to launch businesses and careers.

Trying his luck on all sorts of different industries in the past few years, the coach himself was desperate to find his purpose and success in different places. On his way to find happiness in life, he made valuable contacts and experiences. Pauly Long realized how much he already impacted people on a daily with his advice, shared thoughts and inside information. This would soon turn into MinetSet.

He created his brand and went on to help people all over the world to succeed in their private lives as well as their careers just by being themselves, just by using the tools they were born with.

His social media platforms since have become a place for authentic and honest exchange and uplifting and inspiring daily lessons and updates.

Pauly Long knows that it takes a holistic vision, the ability to look at the bigger picture to make lasting and impactful changes in your life. The fact that he helps people as a motivational & mind set coach and at the same time can consult and help them when it comes to building their own businesses and independent lifestyle, is a massive progress in his market. 

The MineSet guru is deeply involved in social media marketing, helping others to grow and promote their brand. Long knows exactly what it takes to start something from 0 and turn it into success.

So the news that he is looking to officially expand his company’s services and launch MineSet Marketing in December didn’t come as a surprise for the majority of his followers. He’s been sharing credit and funding advice on a regular letting people know how he managed to catapult himself into leading his own business with success. 

With all these next big steps line up – there only one way for Paul Long and MineSet to go: further up.