Building Trust and Credibility: The Impact of Content Marketing for Your Business

Do businesses need to rely on content marketing for success? The short answer is yes. Many companies believe content is a water of time and money. Those businesses are truly doing themselves a disservice. There are reasons why content marketing is necessary, from improving SEO rankings to creating inspiration. However, two important reasons for content marketing are to build trust and increase sales.


Building Trust and Credibility


One purpose of content marketing is to help businesses content with their customers. Why is that important? Customers are more likely to trust businesses they feel a connection to. One way to form that connection is through brand storytelling.


Brand storytelling is about building a bridge between a business and its customers. A company’s brand story is a narrative compilation of its brand, history, mission, values, and purpose. Customers are more likely to trust companies with the same values.


Sharing your story enables customers to get an inside look at your company. It allows your business and potential customers to bond over shared values and beliefs. However, it is not as simple as creating an about us section on your website. Your story needs to unfold through all your digital content. Let the customers see themselves in your story. Not only will customers feel empathic, but it will build trust.


While creating your story, also take the time to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Answering customer questions or helping them solve a problem leads to developing credibility and trust. You want customers to trust you enough to come to you first.


Increase Website Traffic and Boost Conversions


Creating your brand story leads right to the second impactful reason for creating content marketing. Creating free content that customers find engaging and helpful will generate more traffic to your website. One trick is to place a call to action (CTA) within your content, whether in a blog or on social media. A CTA is a way to generate leads. Hopefully, too, people will connect or at least be intrigued by your content. They will want to learn more and will click on the CTA.


Now, that you are building your credibility with your clients and providing content they can trust and use, it is time to take that and convert it into sales. After all, making sales is the point of being a business. Certainly, the CTAs will help to boost conversions.


Customers are more into technology than ever before. They have no desire to sit and watch a bunch of commercials, nor do they want to constantly be hit with an ad every time they click on something. Instead of hitting customers with ads to get sales, hit them with intriguing, thoughtful, and helpful information. You have taken the time to establish their trust, and customers will, in turn, return the favor by making purchases.


Content marketing can be a bit overwhelming at times. Keeping your objectives insight; however, will help to guide the way. Creating content that builds trust and credibility will lead customers to your brand. As customers begin to find their way, the success of your business will grow.