Patrick Osei is “Hot Money” in the Recording Studio Industry

patrick osei

Patrick Osei aka “Hot Money” is making waves in the music industry. He is the founder of the top studio for rap music in the UK with songs making the top 40 hits on mainstream charts. His belief that “hard work beats talent every time” has driven him to success, and as 2020 comes to an end he is only aiming higher.

Hard Work

Patrick began working in music nearly 20 years ago, but in 2008 he took the leap and opened Hot Money Studios. He was off to a good start but decided to take a few years off to learn more about the music industry and focus on the business aspect. This decision has proven to be invaluable as he gained the knowledge and skills to both grow and manage a business.

Patrick attributes his success to three main factors: focus, discipline, and hard work. He looks forward to every day as a new opportunity to win. After years of practice Patrick has honed in his discipline to develop a routine that works for him.


Patrick Osei believes that daily routine has helped him get where he is, and that this is key for anyone looking to achieve more in their life. Patricks’ daily routine consists of a workout every morning before checking emails and heading into work. Throughout the day he answers phone calls and works in the studio producing music. Every night he likes to read a little before bed to help unwind from the day.

For people trying to follow in his footsteps Patrick suggests that you focus in on your vision; then follow through on the actions needed to achieve that goal. Create your own routine, develop your discipline and focus, and then put in that hard work to take you all the way. Then never stop growing, learning, and improving.

No slowing down

Hot Money Studios provides “that major label sound but at indie rates,” and Patrick plans to expand on this by creating a music licensing company that will sell beats to independent artists. This will allow them to develop their own songs. By providing excellent music at reasonable prices Patrick sets his business apart from the rest and helps small artists in the process.

Looking to the future Patrick has no intentions of slowing down. By 2023 he plans to grow Hot Money Studios to reach a 7 figure revenue, and in the next 10 years he wants to expand into the digital marketing space. In order to achieve all this Patrick focuses on his vision and his “why.”

Finding his drive

As with all successful business people, Patrick has a why. With the birth of his children he found his core values in life; family, health, and freedom. Family and providing for them became his main reason to keep pushing forward everyday. He works to maintain balance and health in his life so that he can be there for his family. Most importantly he works for the freedom; the freedom from a job that he hates, freedom to do what he loves, and freedom to spend time with the ones he loves most.

Patrick is moving so fast that it can be hard to keep up so follow him on Instagram at @officialhotmoney